Where can I get NDT, I'm in West Yorkshire, England

I take Levo 75mcg and T3 30mcg

i had my TT due to Graves and Hashimotos thyroiditis in 2012

i now have Pernious Anaemia and Myastenia  Gravis 

and many more debilating conditions ...

my life is a complete mess, so is my body

i love life and want to be able to enjoy my retirement 

after working extremely hard for over 42 years

i refuse to give up


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  • Popeye27,

    1 grain NDT (60-65mg depending on brand) contains 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3 so 2.5grains is equivalent to your current dose.

  • I think that should be 9mcg of T3 per grain.

  • Marsaday,

    You're right, thanks!  I've amended my reply to Popeye27.

  • Although NDT can be prescribed on a named patient basis few doctors will do so,I know of one in West Yorkshire who may prescribe privately but it will be Armour which is very expensive.Thailand is the cheapest source .Suggest you look at Thyroid Patient Advocacy for descriptions.

  • Is Thyroid S from Thailand NDT ?

  • Yes,as I said detail on TPA site

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