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Dr Alyssa Burns Hill

Good morning.

Does Dr Alyssa Burns Hill interpret Genova tests by post for a fee, or would one have to redo the same test for larger fee as shown on her price list? This would cost £145. I've just done the test at a cost of £79 through thyroid uk but I feel I need advice on the results. High cortisol, low DHEA. Dr ABH's name appears as Practitioner on the Geniva forms.

Thank you


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She does a virtual clinic where she does consultations by phone, Skype or FaceTime but I am not aware of her doing anything by post.

You will not have to have another test, she will interpret your Genova test. She may recommend other things if she considers it necessary but, of course, you can source your own.

Why not start by putting your results on here to see if anyone can help?

Also, check out Dr Myhill's website and what she says about the adrenal gland

EDIT: The first link I gave didn't work so I've changed it, it should work now. Also scroll down to "Related Articles" and click on Adrenal Gland and scroll down for interpretation of tests.

I have high cortisol (although still in range) and low DHEA (one sample at bottom of range, one under range).

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Thank you, Seaside, very helpful. I have posted my recent ASI results.




You can book a consultation with Dr Burns-Hill to discuss interpretation of your test result as follows:

    30 minute consultation with a brief follow-up email - £95

    45 minute consultation with follow-up email to include recommendations - £135


Thank you very much, Clutter.



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