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adrenal support and thyroid medication

Has anyone here been on prescription adrenal support, weaned off it, and then found NDT to work less well?

I was on Medrol (between 4-6 mg daily; 6 mg daily for the first two years, then on 4 mg daily) for a little over four years (November 2011-February 2016). One day, I had a lab appointment, and was not suposed to take any meds before that. I forgot to take them afterwards and, when I still felt OK 24 hours later, I decided to stay off Medrol and see what happened...I expected to crash within 48-72 hours, as I have in the past when trying to wean off Medrol, but I didn', it's been almost exactly two months without Medrol, and I feel OK. At least, I have not felt as bad as I have in the past when being off Medrol for more than 24 consecutive hours...

However, I did not wean off Medrol slowly, but stopped cold turkey. This was not something I had planned to do, but rather something that happened. I know it's not recommended, but it has not had any ill effects either (at least not that I am aware of).

The only thing I have noticed lately, but I have no idea if it's related to my adrenal status, is that NDT drugs seem to work less well. I have worked my way up to 8 grains of Erfa daily, and I have absolutely no hyperthyroid symptoms whatsoever. I seem to need at least 8 grains daily to feel fine, and rid myself of all symptoms. In the past, I have never taken more than 6 grains daily. To be honest, I am not sure 8 grains will be enough, but I could probably raise it to 9 grains daily (possibly more)...

Nobody is supposed to need that much, as a healthy human thyroid gland is said to produce +/-100 mcg of T4 and approximately 5 mcg of T3 daily, the rest of the required T3 coming from T4 to T3 conversion. I take about three times more T4, and 12 times more T3, daily than my thyroid gland would produce had it not been damaged...why?!?!?

I'd appreciate any input on this, as it is quite confusing. I would hate having to go back on Medrol, but maybe I had better take some OTC adrenal supplement...the problem is that there are literally hundreds of products out there, and I would not know where to start any advice would be more than welcome:-)

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I can't really help you out but I was always told me that if your having any adrenal issues then you need to sort out before you can be on the correct dose of thyroid meds.  I could be wrong to say that but this is what I was told.

Have you thought about changing your endo and your thyroid meds.

Maybe if you posted your blood work on here someone would be able to help yip you out.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. 


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