TSH rizing

TSH rizing

I got a RAI treatment i june 2012 as a result of Graves with no antibodies. I have been quite stable on armour for 15 months but this fall my TSH starts climbing and I start feeling miserable. At first I thought the reason was that I choose to mix in Nature Throid but going back to Armour has not solved it. I now try to upper my dose.  The picture shows date for adjusting and bloodwork. And then TSH FT4 and FT3. 

Lab reference is TSH(range 0,2-4,0)

Free T4 (range 11-23,0)

Free T3 (range 3,5-6,5)

The value of Ft3 on my last Lab was 2 weeks after a hard Bike trip to Gran Canaria(even though feeling lousy I did my best for 3-4 days hard training)

I have asked for a Rt3 lab and will be doing that to morrow. My next full lab will be 20 april 

But why is this happening? And should I continue to raize? I had a couple of days now every second day which I feel a little bit better but...

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  • Well, just me asking a lot of questions 

  • It looks like you've been steadily becoming under medicated since December.  Not sure what "uker" means? How many grains of NDT are taking? Has it stayed the same since last November?

  • Uker means weeks. 105-135 is milligram NDT ( 1 grain is 60 mg) yes, I have lately tried to upper to 135 mg  but dont know the result yet. 

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