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TSH rizing

TSH rizing

I got a RAI treatment i june 2012 as a result of Graves with no antibodies. I have been quite stable on armour for 15 months but this fall my TSH starts climbing and I start feeling miserable. At first I thought the reason was that I choose to mix in Nature Throid but going back to Armour has not solved it. I now try to upper my dose.  The picture shows date for adjusting and bloodwork. And then TSH FT4 and FT3. 

Lab reference is TSH(range 0,2-4,0)

Free T4 (range 11-23,0)

Free T3 (range 3,5-6,5)

The value of Ft3 on my last Lab was 2 weeks after a hard Bike trip to Gran Canaria(even though feeling lousy I did my best for 3-4 days hard training)

I have asked for a Rt3 lab and will be doing that to morrow. My next full lab will be 20 april 

But why is this happening? And should I continue to raize? I had a couple of days now every second day which I feel a little bit better but...

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Well, just me asking a lot of questions 


It looks like you've been steadily becoming under medicated since December.  Not sure what "uker" means? How many grains of NDT are taking? Has it stayed the same since last November?

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Uker means weeks. 105-135 is milligram NDT ( 1 grain is 60 mg) yes, I have lately tried to upper to 135 mg  but dont know the result yet. 


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