Hypopituitarism and bariatric operation

Hi...is there anyone out there who is over 60 and has Hypopituitarism and has had a bariatric operation? My op is pending and I think I have googled too much and frightened myself .as 1/200 die. Also the experiences I have read are always with people under 50. I would be grateful to hear of some people who are in my position. Thank you. 

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  • I'm sorry it is a worry for you at present and hope one of our members will respond.

    In the meantime this is a link I've just read.


    Are you having the bariatric surgery for weight loss? Are you also hypothyroid?

  • Thank you x

  • Georgina1953,

    There are posts on bariatric surgery in this link healthunlocked.com/search/b...

  • Thank you x

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