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debating on having my operation!

can I have help with this, ive been offered to have my thyroid nodule and half thyroid removed, I wasn't sure as ive heard a lot of bad stories about this but im not sure if im defeated the inevitable.

I have a nodule which is causing swallowing problems and sometimes feels as if im being strangled, its resting on my wind pipe also, I have many symptoms of hypo but my thyroid lab work has always came back in range but proof that my tsh is rising every month.

im scared of operations and hate getting put to sleep and always worried that something will go wrong and I wont wake up and leave my 4 children motherless.

im basically looking for someone to give me answers and see what someone would do in my shoes, also looking for people who has had the op to tell me if its wise or should I try getting thyroxine to see if that will shrink my nodule?

I have heard from people who said it was the worse thing they have done and then others saying they are glad, one woman wishes she had it done now because hers finally grew to much that they couldn't operate!

im so in limbo I don't know what to do for the best :(

I would be so happy to get some input.....

many thanks nichola x

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Hi nichola

I am two and half weeks post op, ive had all my thyroid removed though and to be honest apart from feeling a little low which can be expected after a op am doing ok. i was having major stress outs b4 wondering what i would feel like, how big my scar would be & etc etc see my other post about a few hours after op there is a pic on of my neck to be honest i was worrying over nothing i think love. anyway i have to nip out at mo but if you want to inbox me hun i will go in to more detail for ya & if i can answer any questions you may have. Keep smiling lov xxx


thanks, im just really scared of this x


I had a Partial Thyroidectomy at the age of 18 and I was absolutely fine after it. If you have tried other routes and they have not worked, then a partial I personally would not hesitate.

Unfortunately I had to have the rest removed at 37 which was because I became thyrotoxic again. Until then I had been really well and it gave me 20 years of a carefree life. I would not change it. Look at my neck in my profile and see if you can see the scar, it's not bad, and remember that is TWO operations.

The first hardly left a mark. I have never felt the need to even hide it. There is a very good chance you can have a good quality of life afterwards, obviously I can only tell you my own experience.

Even though the second one left me hypo, I'm still glad I had it done, because it was only after I had it done that I can honestly say I found even a modicum of happiness, my thyroid really stole my youth.

As Sarah24 said, I will say the same, ask any questions you would like to ask

Marie XX


Actually don't look at this picture - all it shows is my excess fat! If I can find another I will put it on here!



thank you, I have hypo symptoms already but lab work not showing up, im so scared to even say yes to this op, I know why im scared, its because I hate being put to sleep and not being in control if something goes wrong, im so scared all the time, I suffer with anxiety and always expects the worst.

I really don't know what to do in my circumstances, I know in my head eventually I will most probably have to have it but right now I cant see me doing it, im scared of the before and the after, and even not waking up im such a wuss lol x


I've changed the pic. I'm still fat but I think you can see there is barely a mark.


wow that's good :) im more scared of something going wrong :( x


You want the truth? So was I. I thought my heart was going to fly out of my chest when I was getting ready to go down.

Being a Single Mum I was terrified of leaving my son. But I was so ill you would not believe. I had nodules too the second time, and I had so much thyroxine in my system I went into thyroid storm and even had hallucinations. I would NEVER wish anyone else to go through that.

I was imagining all kinds of scenarios. But the pre-med calmed me down. Next thing I knew I was awake and back in bed. Nothing worse than a sore throat for a few days.


I struggle to eat feel full in the throat, sometimes feels as though im getting strangled, I just cant beat being scared about a op x


Three weeks post op to remove thyroid after spending a year feeling lousy. Talking to the doctor pre- op settled my nerves and there is no getting away from the risk. In the few hours before going in to surgery I was quietly terrified and ready to get dressed and go home! I didn't, I was fine, home in 24 hours and now three weeks on feel fantastic. I know the scar will fade but the feeling of being well far outweighs the cosmetic issue.

My advice, ask questions from the medics and don't be afraid to ask the questions you feel are stupid...they are important to you. Once you decide your course of action you'll feel better, sitting on the fence hurts your bum!


what you mean the risks? I don't think my endo has gave me a indepth on the risks x


Had my partialT op 2 years last September (because of a single 'dodgy' nodule). Scared too but it was fine! Felt much better than before - no more constant shaking, palps and 'anxious crazy, the world is going to end' feeling, now much calmer.

However still tired, cold etc, a few palps but not like before (now hypo but TSH not 'high enough' for treatment). The lump in throat feeling went too. Have you been offered to try meds for a while instead? J :D


no I haven't been offered meds which seems strange x


Hi First make sure you have had a needle biopsy to test for malignancy.Have you actually seen a surgeon? Always best , at any time you can change your mind about the OP. Now a days surgeons very reluctant to operate unless sure about it.One thing to consider is that I have a very enlarged thyroid and lots of nodules. I cannot have a biopsy or surgery, due to serious medical conditions. I cannot speak loud enough to be heard and my swallowing is a total nightmare.Of course, without the OP these gradually get worse.The OP has been performed for donkey`s years too.

Best wishes,



Hi. I'm 9 weeks post op now. I had a total thyroidectomy for toxic multinodular goitre. The goitre was big and looked ugly and it had also deviated my trachea. I'd put up with it for 9 years and then made the decision to remove it.

With hindsight, it was the right decision- I can breathe and swallow a lot easier now and the lump has gone.

I too was terrified of having the operation, but I figured it wasn't going to disappear and that in the long run, would benefit me and my son.

I was only in hospital 2 days. When I got home I managed ok, although didn't drive or Hoover for a week. I had to rest loads for two weeks. I did a massive food shop before I went in and just put up with a messy house for a fortnight!

I would ask your surgeon loads of questions about your recovery and how long you would need to stay in and also who will be monitoring your levels afterwards.

If you do decide to have the op, accept as much help as you can with the kids.

Good luck and let me know if you have any specific questions xxz


Hi the risks I was told was nerve damage, as with any surgery, it pays to have a good experienced surgeon, I had half my thyroid removed last year, similar reasons as yourself, with no problems, I cannot see the scar and had had surgery some years ago to remove a cyst on the thyroid, however I did have problems 2 months later possibly due to the endocrine system over many years. I do not have to take any medications as the other half is working.

Good luck on your decision, Helen


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