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Seeing an endocrinologist


Thank you everyone for your help with my other questions - I just have a few more to ask:-

1) I've been ill since 13 (I have Crohn's & lupus) and there will be TSH values going back to then would it help the endocrinologist to have a few old blood results? Never had T4 and T3 done before - having them measured next week? 

2) should I take my temperature everyday in the morning for the next few weeks - am I right that this can indicate a hypothyroid? 

3) my hair has gone really dry and I have suddenly got these white hairs that have started to appear out of nowhere in my normally jet black hair - could that be significant? 

I can't wait for your input, many thanks and best wishes in advance, 


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Sorry what is IMHO? What do the letters stand for - thanks in advance, Wennieflower 😀


I know how you feel ... It's too much adrenal crap !!! .... Awful ... I am going through the same ... Am wired on a night ... Shaking cold on night though ... Though the menopause made you sweat !!!! ... 



I doubt your endo will take any notice of basal temperature charts as they are no longer trained to take notice of low basal temperature and they rely on TSH, FT4 and FT3 results.

Unfortunately hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism do cause changes to the thickness and texture of hair and can cause premature greying.

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