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Blood Test results help!

This is the copy of my most recent TFT taken on the 1st March.

In the notes it states that i'm hypo but have only ever been told by my gp that i'm hyper and my consultant thinks i'm hashi. I had another blood test on the 15th March but i am waiting to get a copy from the clinic so will post when i receive it.

Any thoughts or advice on the results? I also have another 7 i'd like to post for advice but it's only letting me post one photo. how do you post multiple?

Thanks, Nikki

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Instead of uploading the photo post like this:

Date   test name   your test result ( range)



Vitamin D 69.1 nmol/L (75.0 -150)

Ferritin 11ug/L (15-150)

25th March 2016

Serum TSH level  <0.01 mu/L (0.20-5.00)

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I never thought of that...thank you :)


I'll have a look than you 


I do not understand why you are on carbimazole if you are hypo. Your TSH is suppressed, certainly, but your FT4 isn't very high. Who put you on the carbimazole? Do you have your results from your diagnosis?

If your endo 'thinks' you have Hashi's, why Don't he just do an antibody test and find out? None of this makes much sense.  

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my doctor thinks im hyper...i'm not sure if the note is a typo or whether it's changed to that and because i was already on carbimazole they have just wrote it down but they always say i'm hyper. 

It was my doctor who gave me the carbimazole but i haven't been taking it with having symptoms for all 3 i thought it was best to wait till i saw the consultant.

 i've received a copy of the assessment from the hospital and it says that my doctors have to chase up the results of the blood test i had there which appears to be another tft and for the autoantibodies. 

on the letter it says that i have thyrotoxicosis and that during my appointment i was clinically euthyroid. if the autoantibodies are negative to consider an ultrasound and depending on the results of the tests to put me back on carbimazole.

It's really getting me down now that none of them can agree on what i actually have. hopefully the new results will help in them finally agreeing to what it is. 

Do the results i've posted show i'm hyper, hashi or hypo? 


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