Odd symptoms

So I have been very dizzy having eye focusing problems, nauseous and having bad neck problems. Went to Dr who sent me straight to hospital for a brain scan (wasn't sure they'd find one!)

Nothing conclusive so I'm going to have another scan of occipital lobe area as linked to eyes.

Whilst I was in hospital my blood pressure went from 147/85 to 87/59 (normally I'm low) pulse was 85.

In the morning I had low temperature readings.

Could this all be down to hypothyroidism? Other hormone deficiencies?

Im on 100mcgs levo

So not sorted, do I need T3??

Thanks in advance.

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  • What are your B12 levels ?

  • Ive no idea, I'll ask for a copy of my bloods they did.

  • When you have your results post them in a new post - with ranges - for people to comment.


    As you can see from the above link - B12 is very important.  Most of us Hypos are very low - along with Ferritin - folate - VitD.  So all need to be tested.  Also have you had your anti-bodies tested - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg along with the FT4 and the FT3.  The TSH alone really does not tell the whole story....

  • Another area to investigate is your adrenal health. If you google eye strain and adrenals you'll find info about it. I would say testing your adrenals with an adrenal saliva test (privately as GPs don't offer the test) would be very worthwhile. You could search saliva test on this site as it's discussed often. 

    I've had various eye problems that turned out to be related to low aldosterone.  This caused my eloctolytes to be imbalanced and I find taking potassium supplements seems to have corrected the imbalance (symptoms have gone). I'm going to get tested at my GP to keep an eye on levels. I also tend to have low blood pressure. You can find out more about all this on Stop The Thyroid Madness website. It may be that you'll be fine on thyroxine once your adrenals are supported if they are currently fatigued. 

  • Thanks for that.ive been thinking I should get them tested. I need to find a good endo as I think there's a lot going on. Really struggling.

  • I think it could be a good first step and you may not need T3 once they are supported. You could do that without the help of an Endo. Cortisol levels need to be at the top of the normal range if you are hypothyroid. It might be worth testing how you respond to some relatively easy adrenal support such as deep abdominal breathing whist you wait for saliva results. Are you ok with how to go about testing?

  • I'll look in to it. Should be ok. Thanks for your help. 

    I do a lot of breathing exercises yoga etc as I had very bad trouble with excess adrenalin and panic attacks in my 20's and it helped hugely then.

    Adrenalin does bad things to my body so I try and stem it so there's bound to be a link. I have wolf parkinson white syndrome so any surges make my heart short circuit and beat over 200bpm

    I control my adrenalin so this doesn't happen any more luckily.

  • You're welcome :)

    It sounds like adrenal support could be very important.

  • I found Himalayan Pink.salt in water very effective for adrenals. Info about it is on the website I mentioned above (adrenals tag at top of page and then aldosterone I think). You'd need to stop for a few days before the test though.

    What is your TSH level by the way? 

  • Ive actually no idea of levels as my GP doesn't give me a print out just says I'm in normal range which we know their normal is not ours. This is why I thought I'd see an endo to get all sorted properly.

  • I would ask them what your TSH is, they should tell you. My husband also has Hypothyroidism and is fine on Levo but he's needed to take enough to go the lowest of the normal range. Dr would have been happy for him to stay in the middle but he explained that upping exercise was taking up more hormone and doc agreed to up his dose. Luckily we have an open minded doctor. He allows us to try out doses and see how we feel. 

    From my experience I would at least try to get optimum Levo dose first and then consider adding T3 if you need to. 

    An Endo would be happy to help you optimise Levo I'm sure.

  • Are you sure you are optimally medicated with 100 mcg of levo? It could be that it is not enough or that you are not converting T4 to T3 very well. It can be many things. In my case I needed T3, before it my vision was blurred  and I was dizzy as well, with high blood pressure and the whole list of other symptoms, which are all fine now.

  • Yes you are right I don't think I convert T4 to T3

    Fighting this with GP

    I need to understand it all more too, very complex!

    Reading up on it all.


  • If you see an Endo and have all levels checked including B12 and have a saliva test you should be well on your way to improvement. 

    Good luck - I hope you feel much better soon x

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