High T3 and high TSH?

Please tell me, is it possible?

Before I started T3, my TSH was 0.015, now, after 10 weeks, my TSH grew up to 3! Ft3 and Ft4 didn't change. I take 75 T3.

It's very strange for me. I feel like I was taking placebo...

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  • What dose of levo where you taking?

  • For 10 weeks I'm taking only T3 - now 75mg, earlier NDT (then TSH was 0.015).

  • I hope someone can respond re your NDT TSH which I believe was suppressed.

    You didn't say what dose of NDT you were taking but your T3 dose is equivalent to around 300mcg of levo! Are you taking a genuine T3. Are you splitting doses or taking T3 once daily.

  • I was taking 4-4.5 grain NDT

    I'm splitting T3 for 4 doses. I don't feel better. My weight gain. Really, I'm wondering if my drug works.

    When I'm taking T3, my TSH should be very low, am I right?

  • Yes, you are right, this is very strange. Did the doctor prescribe this T3 or did you buy it online? As you say, it seems as though it isn't working. Can you go back to taking NDT again? Presumably that made you feel better.

  • I don't split my dose of T3. There's not much point and your life is led by dosing at different times. Also, how could you leave approx 24 hours between T3 and blood test?

    Maybe this link will help in some way. Dr Lowe only took a blood test for the initial consultation, thereafter it was the patient's metabolism which was the most important and relief of pain.


    excerpt from above:

    And finally, why do I specify that the typical patient use one full dose of non-timed-release Cytomel for life? Because extensive testing has shown that this is safe, effective, and most economical—when used within the context of our entire protocol.

  • Shaws, I had a very different experience of T3 to you. I was multi-dosing T3 and on the basis of posts on here saying that once-a-day dosing was the best thing to do I started amalgamating my doses.

    It was a disaster. I developed palpitations, erratic blood pressure, and tachycardia, and felt terrible. I decided that once a day dosing might mean I needed less T3. So I cut my dose by a little bit. And the result was I felt very hypo in the late afternoon and evening.

    I tried going back to multi-dosing again, but once the heart problems had been triggered I couldn't get back to normality again, and I was unable to increase my dose back to what it had been, so I stayed feeling hypo.

    Eventually, I gave up on T3 and am now trying NDT again. Luckily I'm doing okay on it because my iron levels are better than they were the last time I tried NDT.

    But I really wish I had never tried single dosing T3. I was doing okay with multi-dosing. I should have stuck to what was working for me.

  • Summary? Everybody is different and everyone has different needs...

  • Yes, agreed. But I think another important point is that if you've found something that works for you, don't try and change a winning formula.

  • So true!

  • If you have a winning formula you definitely wouldn't want to try another method/hormones. 

  • That's a shame. We do build ourselves up that the next thing we try will work as expected.

    Everyone is different. Did you take less T3 when you tried your single dose? I cannot understand how people can titrate a dose to optimum when the dose is split.

  • I reduced my dose by a tiny amount when I tried amalgamating my doses, but ended up feeling hypo in the late afternoon and evening.

    When I tried increasing my dose back to what I'd been on earlier I ended up with all sorts of problems.

  • Maybe it wasn't the 'dose' which caused the problems but 'binders' maybe in the product. I was on the same T3 for quite a while and was fine then began to get symptoms I'd not had before. It didn't strike me it could be the T3 but it was when a post came up asking if anyone had a problem with a Batch No., mine was the same as were some other responses. I changed to another T3 and instantly problems resolved and - touch wood- I've been fine since. If we could be given a bit of flexibility on hormones we might be able to resolve issues ourselves. :)

  • Where's the 'happy face' gone!

  • I'd noticed the smileys were gone. :(

    When I developed problems with my T3 I was taking the same batch I'd been taking for a year. (I buy a fairly large amount at a time and stick it in the freezer.)

    It is possible I had problems because of other meds I was taking.

    I intended to give NDT a good long trial eventually, so having issues with my T3 just pushed me into doing it now rather than in a few months time. *Sigh*

  • HU have changed a couple of things over the past few days - so maybe that's why smileys are not smiling at present:


  • Magdas, 1 grain NDT is equivalent to 25mcg T3 so an equivalent to 4 grains is 100mcg T3.

  • Did you mean an equivalent T4 dose is 100mcg, rather than T3?

  • HB,

    No I meant 100mcg T3 is equivalent to 4 grains NDT.  I've edited my post and it's hopefully clearer now.

  • Thanks. :)

  • Clutter, I have Thiroyd where is 8.31mcg T3 and 35mcg T4 in 1grain

  • Magdas, that would equate to very slightly less than 25mcg T3.

  • In Poland, where I live, doctors don't treat by T3... I had to buy it online, that's why I'm not sure of source.

    Probably I have/had?! problem with RT3, that's why I started only T3 (I stopped responding on NDT). I began to think about returning to the NDT (initially I responded very well), but I'm afraid I destroy the RT3 cleaning process.

  • Which country did you buy your T3 from? What does it say on the box?

  • From Czech Republic. It's a Cytomel from La Pharma.

    I don't know where can I buy veriefied T3. Now I have big hypo...

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