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Endo in edinburgh ?

I have been referred - finally , to an endo by my GP, in Edinburgh. Does anyone know a specialist for thyroid disorders? Have had an underactive thyroid for 24 years and only recently went for private testing, with the results saying that I don't convert T4 to T3 very well and probably have Hashimoto's. Am I like ly to find a sympathetic endo here in Edinburgh?

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Welcome to the forum, Elkewilliams.

Email for a list of member recommened endos.


I'm in Edinburgh and have seen one endo at the Royal who I persuaded to prescribe t3 - initially on a trial- for me.  I had to convince him of my case though and put it to him in writing in order to get him to agree.  He was perfectly pleasant though. 


Thank you - can you remember the name? Good to hear though, maybe things are changing a little bit?


Dr Stuart Ritchie.


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