Edinburgh Phlebotomy?

Hi All,

I have had dramas with the two lots of finger prick tests that I have done. While I did eventually get my samples I am not sure that the trauma was worth the convenience.

Therefore, I am looking for somewhere in Edinburgh to get bloods drawn. I previously went to the Edinburgh Clinic, which is fine, but they have just raised their price to £45 from £30. I tried the Private GP and their price is a whopping £75! I phoned the Spire and the Nuffield but they will only do it if you buy the test from them.

My NHS GP won't do it. So my one remaining hope is that somebody in Edinburgh has an NHS GP who will also take private (paying) patients for phlebotomy, for a reasonable charge. Short of writing to all the GPs in Edinburgh, maybe one of you knows a place?



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  • June25,

    Some NHS hospitals will charge £10-£20 for a private blood draw and their are details of private phlebotomy services in thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

  • Thanks for responding to my question Clutter. Unfortunately, none of the thyroiduk recommendations are useful to me in Edinburgh. I've tried the NHS hospitals on the phone but so far not got anywhere. Perhaps somebody who uses an NHS hospital could tell me which department to contact?


  • June25,

    You need to speak to somebody in the phlebotomy department.

  • Eyre Medical Practice has a Phlebotomist : Lorraine Kennedy.

    - I dont know if they take private patients but they might.

    0131 556 8842


  • Thanks very much for this. I actually tried phoning them about it but was told they only take blood for the doctors there. I might still go visit them. i'm not convinced the receptionist understood what I was talking about.


  • Did you ever find anywhere in Edinburgh to take your bloods?

  • The Edinburgh Clinic at 40 Colinton rd charges £45 for a blood draw. That's the best I could find.

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