Sympathetic private Dr in Bristol or Edinburgh

After two years on levo still with lots of symptoms and a Gp who will only test TSH. I've finally decided to look for a private Dr or Endo who will do all the recommended tests and possibly put me on a trial of t3.

I'm in Spain so would have to travel. Have relatives in Bristol and Edinburgh so either would suit. If anyone can recommend someone please could you pm me. Thanks.

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  • If you email who has a list of doctors. I am not sure of areas. Louise wont be back into the office until after New Year.

  • Rosemaryanne,

    Email for a list of member recommended endos. Thyroid UK's office reopens 4th January.

  • Thanks, already done that although the site says none of them are endos. As well as this the list of areas covered doesnt seem to include either Bristol or Edinburgh. I was hoping to get a recommendation from someone who had actually seen a practitioner who was helpful and not wedded to levo only. It seems they are a rare animal!

  • Rosemaryanne,

    Have you considered ordering your own thyroid tests via Blue Horizon or Genova and ordering T3 online and self medicating? A private prescription for 28 x 20mcg Mercury Pharma Liothyronine (T3) will set you back £250+ but Greek or Turkish T3 will cost you circa £20 for 100 x 25mcg.

  • Yes thanks Clutter that is one of the options. Don't know if the local nurse would take the bloods. They are a bit sniffy. I could probably buy t3 otc here as I can buy levo so that's not an issue. Just keen to have a conversation in English with someone who knows what they are talking about! Cost has to be a consideration as well of course. Thanks for your help.

  • The Blue Horizon option looks good as I can visit the Bristol Spire hospital to get it done. I thought I'd read somewhere on the Thyroid UK website that there was someone who did Skype consultations once you had your results. Can't seem to find that now. Maybe it was somewhere else. Must be the brain fog at work again :(

  • Blue Horizon actually have finger prick test kits so that you can take the blood yourself at home and post the sample to the lab. So there's no need to pay someone to draw the blood if you don't mind pricking your own finger :) Not sure how it works if you're doing it in Spain, but email them and ask. They are very helpful

  • Oh that's interesting. I'm not squeamish but I'd assumed they'd want a thimble full or so. Thanks I'll check it out.

  • I sent you a pm to recommend an endo in Bristol.

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