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Can you recommend any doctor in Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow?



My wife was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 3 years ago. Now she's better but not completely cured.

We haven't got good experiences with the doctors in the ARI. Every time there's a different doctor and it seems that they just want to control the hormone levels with PTU but not to investigate further for underlying causes. Besides, it seems that they don't pay much attention, they have lost blood test results many times. I think that they might be overlooking something and would like a second opinion from a private doctor.

Do you know any reliable private doctor in Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow?


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Just saying hello to a fellow ari attendee! I have been attending for graves since October 2014 and yes, you are right, I have seen 3 different doctors on my 4 visits! Saw the same doc the last twice so hope it is the star of a new trend! I know that there are no private endos in Aberdeen as I looked into this as I was so desperate to be seen quickly for my first appointment as I found the symptoms very hard. So unless things have changed.... I am sure there are private endos in Edinburgh or Glasgow, in fact I think there is one at Dundee. Good luck anyway.

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I will watch replies with interest as I've recently moved to near Dundee and was looking for a private endo too. I know there are some in Edinburgh.

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Thanks for your reply,

Have you got any reference from these doctors?


Hi, I lived in Aberdeen for a long time and have suffered from hypothyroidism for 15 years. I won't bore you with the struggles I've had getting the appropriate treatment, most people on this site have been down the same road. Anyway to be brief, I saw an endo at ARI once while I was living there, as I still didn't feel well despite being on Levothyroxine, but like yourself had little joy with this experience. He was actually very nice, he listened to me and ran loads of tests, said he'd ring me back to discuss these but never did. My GP then told me all tests were normal and that was that, no further treatment required, no change in medication offered, just put up with it. So I gave up on the NHS and got a referral for private endo in Edinburgh who was very nice and helpful, he gave me T3 which is quite difficult to get prescribed. I know your wife is overactive whereas I am under active but the point I'm making is that this doctor listened to me and was much more helpful than any NHS doc has ever been. Also a private endo may run tests not routinely offered on NHS, but you have to pay for these, of course. I'm fairly new to this site so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name the doctor I saw or if I have to private message you to do it. Maybe some else reading this might be able to help me with that and explain how I can private message, if necessary.

I hope your wife gets the help she needs, you are a good husband trying to help her by coming on this site. I don't know where I would be today if I weren't for my husband. He has been my constant support during the last terrible 15 years, he is so kind and understanding of my condition and will do anything to help me get better. I am so lucky to have him.

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Thanks for your reply Hoovernut,

Can you please send me the name of the doctor in a private message? You can do so by clicking on my nickname, and then clicking on "Message".

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If the man you are talking about is Dr. Toft then sadly he's retired completely 😕 I only found out about him too late, I have a daughter in Edinburgh so I'd have paid to see him like a shot. If it wasn't him then please dm me too as I'd pay to see someone who knows more than the average Endo about the thyroid.

I'm in Glasgow sport I can't recommend a good thyroid doc

please can you private message me the name of the edinburgh doctor? thank you so much and I hope you are doing well!

Hi- would you be able to email me the Edinburgh endo as well ? Thanks so much ! 


Can I please have the name of that Edinburgh doctor?

Did you ever find out the name of the private doctor in Edinburgh. I too am in Aberdeen and can't get any help at all. It's very frustrating as I know what it's like to actually be optimal on my medication. Looks like they offer a "one drug treats all medication" which is Levothyroxine. Unfortunately I can't take Levo which is why I'm on a natural thyroid medication.....which none of the GP's even know about.

I would really appreciate it if you've had any success if you could share the name of the specialist with me. I'm wlling to travel to get some help. Many thanks.

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The private chap in Edinburgh has now retired. I see an endo on the NHS in Dundee if I need to - but I do take Levothyroxine and have other autoimmune diseases .

Hello. I am in Aberdeen too and would appreciate contact details of any endo (even in Edinburgh or Glasgow, Dundee. Thank you

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The private chap in Edinburgh has now retired. I see an endo on the NHS in Dundee if I need to - but I do take Levothyroxine and have other autoimmune diseases .

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Just realised this thread is 4 years old!

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Hi and thanks. I have some autoimmune issues too and am on levo. I was thinking of a private endo who knows about thyroid. It would be amazing if there was a functional doctor but have not come across any.

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