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I am wondering what people's thoughts are on just taking straight T3? I have just been to see my endocrinologist and we said we'd try it but is this wise? It would mean stopping T4 completely.

I have Hashimotos Thyroiditus and I haven't seen any improvement over the last four years, since I have been diagnosed. At a loss for it now and any help with medication would be appreciated.

TIA :)

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  • For some people straight T3 is the only thing that works and makes them feel better.

    I took T3 alone for about a year, and it helped me a lot. I have recently switched to NDT as an experiment.

  • I'm sorry you are still not feeling better yet.

    Has your Endo tried to add some T3 to your T4, as sometimes that works quite well.

    I don't take T4 and it is the inactive hormone which should convert to sufficient T3.

    Has your Endo ran a Free T3 blood test to see exactly what is in your blood.

    Do you have the results of any up-to-date test for thyroid hormones? Are all your vitamins/minerals at an optimum too?

  • I've been on 75mcgs T3 only for three years. Don't know what I'd have done without it!!

  • I'm on T3 only, too. Have been for a few years now. I just can't tolerate any form of T4. I can't convert it and it makes me ill.

  • Greygoose, when you say it makes you ill, in what way?

    (I've been on NDT since Jan and have been continuously unwell)

    H x

  • All my symptoms got worse on T4 only, and even worse on NDT - massive weight gain, hair loss, terrible fatigue, crumbling nails that were ok before I stated it, depression that I didn't have before I started on it. I just about survived on T4 plus T3, but on NDT I became virtually bed bound, breathing problems, loss of muscle tone, etc.

    I was on T4 only for about three years, and got up to a dose of 200 mcg. Then went to about 220 T4 plus some T3, can't remember how much, for about two/three years. On NDT, got slowly up to 5 grains over three/four years. So, before anybody says anything, I did give it all a fair try, and did go up to, what should have been, an adequat dose. I also tried several different brands of NDT. So, conclusion, T4 in any form just didn't suit me.

  • I don't think that five years is long enough. ;0)

    Thanks gg, I don't think I could cope with giving it anymore time then a couple of months - now either I've been really unlucky and have had a continuous "virus" for the last couple of months...or it's the NDT. My instinct is the NDT but having had a little T3, l feel that's cleared the brain fog but I feel like I'm made of glass and somedays, can't move. Crumbling nails? Yep along with other maladies. *sighs*

    Many thanks gg! H x

  • You're welcome. :)

    And, to be honest, I was wrong to give it as long as I did. When I was on the T4 only, it was all new to me, and my endo insisted that it was my 'negative attitude' that was causing the problems, not the Levo! I then learnt enough to know I needed T3 and managed to get that added by a different endo. Then switched to a new doc that insisted Armour was THE only way to go and I should give it time - always more time, even though I was getting worse and worse, he insisted I should stick with the NDT. And, I was too brain dead to question it!

    It was only when someone on a forum suggested my problem might be rT3 that I did 12 weeks of high dose T3 only to try and clear it - without my doctor - that l realise l felt better on T3 only! But I then made the stupid mistake of thinking that everything was ok now, and I could go back to NDT! ha! How stupid can you get?!? I went rapidly down-hill again. And it was only when my supplier went bankrupt and disappeared and I ran out of NDT that I fell back on T3 only and got better again, that I realised my mistake.

    So, nothing will ever make me go back onto any form of T4 ever again!!! (Apart from T3 disappearing completely from... but we won't talk about that!)

  • I started taking t3 only about 2 months ago as I felt so awful on t4. He did try a t4/t3 combo for a while which initially made me feel better, but then bad again. I can honestly say (and need to find some wood to touch) that it has made me so much better. I take 20mcg in the morning and 20 in the evening. I am having blood tests this week, so I hope they don't decide to change things based on them. I feel as if I have my life back a bit and would urge you to give it a try if that's what your endo thinks is right for you. Good luckxx

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