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Just T3


I am wondering what people's thoughts are on just taking straight T3? I have just been to see my endocrinologist and we said we'd try it but is this wise? It would mean stopping T4 completely.

I have Hashimotos Thyroiditus and I haven't seen any improvement over the last four years, since I have been diagnosed. At a loss for it now and any help with medication would be appreciated.

TIA :)

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For some people straight T3 is the only thing that works and makes them feel better.

I took T3 alone for about a year, and it helped me a lot. I have recently switched to NDT as an experiment.


I'm sorry you are still not feeling better yet.

Has your Endo tried to add some T3 to your T4, as sometimes that works quite well.

I don't take T4 and it is the inactive hormone which should convert to sufficient T3.

Has your Endo ran a Free T3 blood test to see exactly what is in your blood.

Do you have the results of any up-to-date test for thyroid hormones? Are all your vitamins/minerals at an optimum too?


I've been on 75mcgs T3 only for three years. Don't know what I'd have done without it!!


I'm on T3 only, too. Have been for a few years now. I just can't tolerate any form of T4. I can't convert it and it makes me ill.

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Greygoose, when you say it makes you ill, in what way?

(I've been on NDT since Jan and have been continuously unwell)

H x


All my symptoms got worse on T4 only, and even worse on NDT - massive weight gain, hair loss, terrible fatigue, crumbling nails that were ok before I stated it, depression that I didn't have before I started on it. I just about survived on T4 plus T3, but on NDT I became virtually bed bound, breathing problems, loss of muscle tone, etc.

I was on T4 only for about three years, and got up to a dose of 200 mcg. Then went to about 220 T4 plus some T3, can't remember how much, for about two/three years. On NDT, got slowly up to 5 grains over three/four years. So, before anybody says anything, I did give it all a fair try, and did go up to, what should have been, an adequat dose. I also tried several different brands of NDT. So, conclusion, T4 in any form just didn't suit me.

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I don't think that five years is long enough. ;0)

Thanks gg, I don't think I could cope with giving it anymore time then a couple of months - now either I've been really unlucky and have had a continuous "virus" for the last couple of months...or it's the NDT. My instinct is the NDT but having had a little T3, l feel that's cleared the brain fog but I feel like I'm made of glass and somedays, can't move. Crumbling nails? Yep along with other maladies. *sighs*

Many thanks gg! H x


You're welcome. :)

And, to be honest, I was wrong to give it as long as I did. When I was on the T4 only, it was all new to me, and my endo insisted that it was my 'negative attitude' that was causing the problems, not the Levo! I then learnt enough to know I needed T3 and managed to get that added by a different endo. Then switched to a new doc that insisted Armour was THE only way to go and I should give it time - always more time, even though I was getting worse and worse, he insisted I should stick with the NDT. And, I was too brain dead to question it!

It was only when someone on a forum suggested my problem might be rT3 that I did 12 weeks of high dose T3 only to try and clear it - without my doctor - that l realise l felt better on T3 only! But I then made the stupid mistake of thinking that everything was ok now, and I could go back to NDT! ha! How stupid can you get?!? I went rapidly down-hill again. And it was only when my supplier went bankrupt and disappeared and I ran out of NDT that I fell back on T3 only and got better again, that I realised my mistake.

So, nothing will ever make me go back onto any form of T4 ever again!!! (Apart from T3 disappearing completely from... but we won't talk about that!)


I started taking t3 only about 2 months ago as I felt so awful on t4. He did try a t4/t3 combo for a while which initially made me feel better, but then bad again. I can honestly say (and need to find some wood to touch) that it has made me so much better. I take 20mcg in the morning and 20 in the evening. I am having blood tests this week, so I hope they don't decide to change things based on them. I feel as if I have my life back a bit and would urge you to give it a try if that's what your endo thinks is right for you. Good luckxx


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