Iodine and Levo

Trying a spray vitamin and mineral supplement but noticed it contains iodine. Is it ok to continue with it as I am taking Levo. I feel I need to supplement and a spray is much easier than tablets or capsules, which I usually choke on! General opinion on internet seems to be not to take iodine if you are on Levo. Advice would be appreciated - thanks

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Valjo18, Levothyroxine should provide the iodine you require. How much iodine does the spray contain?

Hi Clutter it contains 150 ug (it's not a u but looks like a backward y) hope you know what I mean! Is that low enough to be ignored? Thanks

Valjo18, ug = mcg. 150mcg is the maximum recommended dose. You will also be getting iodine from Levothyroxine and your diet. I think 150mcg is too much.

Ok thank you for the advice, better not risk it then.

I can't help feeling you might be wasting your money with that spray, anyway. Multi-vits in general are not much help if you have nutritional deficiencies.

Ideally, you should get your vit D, vit B12, folate, ferritin tested for starters. Then work on supplementing individual vits and mins from that. I know that means taking tablets or capsules, but surely that is better than wasting your money on the spray and leaving your deficiencies untreated. That's my opinion, anyway. :)

Thank you greygoose. Trying to get any tests done with the surgery I use is a nightmare, they just don't want to do them unless you have symtoms they consider worth investigating.......

You could always have them done privately.

I may consider that - is it expensive?

Sorry, can't help you with that because I've never used it. But there are links on TUK's main page that will take you to places that do it.

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