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Hi guys, I have been spending time watching youtube videos & reading up information about Iodine and how key it is for us, especially for people with an under active Thyroid. It does all make sense, and I haven’t yet come across any “anti” Iodine supplement people. Obviously there are varying products and doses, when & how to take it etc. The reviews and feedback from different sites (certainly the ones I have looked at) are all positive and very pro the benefits of “topping up” with Iodine.

What are your thoughts? Do any of you guys supplement with Iodine? How has it helped you? I would appreciate any thoughts and feedback. Many thanks, Mandy 👍

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If you type "iodine" into the Search Thyroid UK box you'll find thousands of posts on iodine. At least half of them will point out that iodine is NOT good for hypothyroid patients especially if they have Hashimoto's.


Lots of medics state clearly that with Hashimoto's iodine they don't believe its recommended

Amy Myers is more slightly more ambivalent, but still cautious

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Iodine is essential.

The USA's Food and Drugs Administration recommend of the order of 150 micrograms per day in adults.

Some iodine supplementers take as much as 50 milligrams a day. More than three hundred times as much as is recommended.

The gulf between the two is huge.

If you think you have been iodine deficient for a long time, you might just care to consider the statement below:

We also document a large increase in thyroid-related deaths following the countrywide adoption of iodized salt, which affected mostly older individuals in localities with high prevalence of iodine deficiency.

(Sorry that paper is not available in full.)

Be extremely careful as you read. A lot of sites make assumptions based on location - and I suggest a majority are USA-based. A lot of sites have their snouts in the troughs and will benefit directly or indirectly from purchase of iodine (and other) supplements.


Thank you all for your feedback. Am I right in saying that possibly for Hypo people it (may?) be ok under supervision to introduce, but for Hashi suffers it’s a definite No?

I must admit, even though I am educated, and have a large degree of common sense.......I DO struggle with just getting myself to the best place I can be with my Thyroid Health 😔. I do try to self help, be it research, advice from you guys, Thyroid UK events, diet, websites, books, YouTube etc. I’ve been going round in circles for just too long now, back & forth to the Drs with absolutely no progress or steps forward.

I know I have to go private (again) to “hopefully” get a knowledgable person to do a holistic check on me, and can then recommend the right supplements and doses that will help get me to optimum health and any lifestyle changes too that would be best. It’s so incredibly frustrating........😳

Has anyone had a consultation with Dr. Alyssa Burns-Hill? She was at last year’s Thyroid UK summit and she spoke a lot of sense. Most people in the room seemed to direct their Q’s to her....maybe she can help? As always, thank you for your reply’s they really help me...and hopefully others too 🙏


If you’re taking levothyroxine, then you’ll already be getting iodine in a form your body can use. I wouldn’t add any more.


Mandy.... I have been hypo since the 1990s and have treated it with NDT. I started taking iodine 4 - 6 yrs back and now take between 12.5 and 25 mgs per day. I take either the lugols (liquid) or iodoral (tabs). It resolved my cold nose, hands and feet and raised by body temp to normal levels. I hadn't taken iodine for treating anything... just to improve my health since every cell in our body has receptors for receiving iodine and, if we aren't ingesting enough iodine, these receptors will get plugged with other members of the halide family... chlorine, fluorine, bromine, bad actors all. So, when you first start taking iodine, you will experience a little or a lot of detox which is why you start off slow and low. I do not have iron issues or hashimotos. Here is a link to a really good article on the use of iodine if you also have hashis. Also research 'co-factors' if you decide to try iodine. It will instruct you on the other supplements you should take when taking iodine.


Hi thank you for your message and the link. I am finding it very interesting and informative (still working my way through & it’s sub links). It is giving me things to consider. Mandy

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