Iodine and Hashis

I have hashi (both lots of antiboidies) last reading for anti- thyroglobin was nearly

3000 so very high. I recently tried a thyroid support supplement containing iodine and selenium, and only took one tab at lunch time, I was terribly sick and had upset tum within an hour, really severe reaction. I assume it was a reaction to the iodine, which I gather is a no no with Hashi. Other things I have read say iodine helps reduce the antibodies, so I am confused. Anyone else had good results by supplementing iodine?

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  • DollyDuck,

    Most articles warn Hashi patients that taking iodine can increase the number and severity of flares they experience which will increase antibodies. Iodine also reduces T4 and T3 which is why it is has been used to reduce thyroid levels in hyperthyroid patients. If you type Iodine or Iodine and Hashimoto's into the Search Thyroid UK box top right of page you will get thousands of posts to read on the topic.

  • Thank you will do.


    Some wise heads have answered your Q here. Always worth a search (top right hand side) . For Hashi's sufferers, seemingly a big no-no but there are snake oil dudes in the wider web who may counsel to take it. Your experience speaks volumes. I walk in moccasins similar to yours (hashi's...although thyroid teeny tiny, these days :( ) and I stay away

  • Thank you - I will have a look for sure. Not going to try it again, not worth it. x

  • There are a lot people who think that strong reaction is detoxing, but I think it is over dosing. There are a lot people who go it through over and over again being very sick for half day still thinking it is just detoxing.

    Most of these supplements contain a lot of iodine and you would think if you once experience it you would try smaller dose next time. But no.

    If I were you I would try if just selenium would bring down your antibodies. I take 2-4 brazilian nuts / day.

  • Thank you for that info, I will keep to the selenium only & try some Brazil nuts - good idea. I will definitely not try iodine again.

  • You could try iodine once you have been taking selenium for a week or two. And far less iodine. I started adding just 25 mcg. So very little and increased it slowly. Didn't get much over 200 mcg before I started to feel super awful.

    I can't imagine taking even 1MG.

    Based on old studies mild deficiency protects from AITD. If you don't know are you severly deficient I am not sure if it would benefit you at all.

  • Thank you but I think I am going to give it a miss after my reaction. Definitely not for me. Grateful for your help though this site is amazing.

  • :)

    This is excellent forum and you will get a lot of help from all these lovely people.

  • Hi Dolly from my understanding iodine isn't good for Hashi's (but I'm no expert on that subject). What I want to say is that it could even be the selenium. In some people selenium does the opposite of helping, it's not a solution for everyone. Let me give you my experience quickly.

    My antibodies were around 500 in November. I started a course of selenium (200mcg per day) for 2 months, nearing the end of he bottle I had blood tests done in January which revealed that I had entered toxic levels of Selenium on my blood, I was almost double the range, in November I was halfway in the range. And guess what my antibodies DOUBLED now they are at 950 after this course of selenium. I had to stop taking it and now I'm trying N-Acetyl. (I haven't touched iodine in years as a reference).

    So please know selenium is not for everyone, some are sensitive to it, and most importantly you should be getting it regularity tested now in your bloods to ensure you're not at toxic levels which is quite dangerous for you.

    All the best,


  • Dan thank you so much for telling me of your experience. I hope you are on the mend now and your antibodies are going down. I won't increase anything until I have my bloods done, and I will certainly watch my selenium intake. It's a minefield out there but thanks to this site I am finding my way - slowly though. Good luck Dan and thank you.

  • Thank you, this recently just happened to me so I'll find out in March if my antibodies are coming down or not. You're welcome and good luck to you too!

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