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In my search for a cure for my ongoing fatigue and lack of libido, a friend (without Hashimotos, which I have) suggested Detoxadine®, Nascent Iodine Supplement, as it had markedly improved his health and libido function. I read it helps T3 and T4 functions. I take Levithytoxine (Eltrixun) 100 mcg daily. Would the nascent iodine disrupt my levo or over-dose me? Or is it simply not necessary as I'm already taking iodine supplement in the form of the Levo Elyroxin? Aby comments greatly appreciated.

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  • I have Hashimoto's also and have started using the Detoxadine a few months ago. There seems to be a lot of negativity around iodine supplementation with Hashimoto's. I have read a lot about this in books and online. I started out with three drops, went up from there, and then decided to take it slower, so I went to one drop for a few weeks. This was when I found out that I had the Hashimoto's. I have been hypo for 25 years. In my case, I felt better when taking three or more drops. I am now taking three drops a day again, and may increase it slowly to see how I feel. I truly believe that my symptoms, including fatigue and low libido, have improved. I have also been taking some T3 as well. This is new to me in the last two months. I am on a combination of T3 and T4 now.

    I have read that some people are sensitive to iodine and that it can make your symptoms worse. I would recommend if you decide to try it, to start out very slow and see how you feel. I am not a medical person, so you may want to talk to your doctor first or get other opinions from people on this site. Hope this helps😄

  • Thank you Terribacon76. I find doctors don't like supplements and prefer traditional medicines, even Endocrinologists. I think I will pursue a move to T4 and T3 combination which is dramatic for me as I work in s Muslim country where porcine products are not available. But perhaps on return visits to U.K. I can explore this further.

  • The standard line is that with Hypothyroidism you get iodine with levo and you should not take extra assuming you are medicated with sufficient levo?.Also those who do take iodine need to also take selenium.

  • Thank you Treepie. I will stick with my Levo as when increased from 100 mcg to 125 then 150 mcg daily I became anxious and had other sysnptoms. So I have a fear of overdosing on iodine. My friend who suggested nascent iodine doesn't have thyroid problems. His objective is better general health from a different staring point. Also he is semi retired so that helps.

  • Does anyone know if you get iodine with NDT too?

  • You do. All thyroid hormones are "made of" iodine. T4 has 4 iodine atoms, T3 has 3 and so on.

  • Thank you angel of the north. That's an interesting point which gives further understanding to the new world in which is Hasimoto's sufferers exist. I feel like looking for a masters degree course in Hashimotos - in the vain hope that upon completion all will become known and clear.

  • There are many many articles on web saying that supplementing iodine is definitely NOT recommended with either Hashimoto's or Graves

  • I had difficulty swallowing a while back whilst taking 1.5 grains of NDT (for 20 years) and I feared that it may have been thyroid nodules. So I started taking iodine. I got up to 5 drops and any difficulty I previously had swallowing, disappeared: however, over a few months I became very jittery and nervous which I realised was probably because I was getting too much T3 (from the NDT and Selenomethionine): Selenomethionine is recommended with iodine and it also helps with conversion from T4 to T3. But I have now linked the long term use of selenomethionine use with recurrent right sided headaches! So, I have stopped both the iodine and selenomethionine and instead I am trying to increase my NDT (currently 1.75 grains) and although I'm experiencing some jitters (which is fairly standard when increasing NDT) it's no where near as bad as it was, and I haven't suffered any headaches. I have yet to see if the difficulty swallowing returns. It's not easy trying to get it right and sometimes I feel like stopping the NDT altogether. Unfortunately, there are no clear guidelines for Hashimotos sufferers because we are all different. Even doctor's can't agree on the best supplements for us.

  • I have Hashi's also, long journey for 14 years. I take kelp for iodine, which helps; 1200 mg. daily of magnesium helps, as well as minerals (I take Mimi's minerals, Amazon, but there are others). After years of investigation, and many, many doctors, supplements, diets, thyroid meds, adrenal meds and treatments, vitamins, etc., I strongly suspect lyme is the root cause of it all. Hypoglycemia is part of my Hashi's. See below. I'm going to start the Buhner protocol in next two months. Blessings to you on your journey.

    "Gluten-free, sugar-free diet: Along with probiotics, this diet helps to keep yeast at bay. For some people, gluten and sugar also weaken the immune system and encourage spirochete growth. This diet has helped me to regulate blood sugar, which can be a problem for those suffering from the co-infection babesia."

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