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Blue Horizons - Thyriod Check plus 10

Hi guys,

I will be getting the BH thyroid check plus 10 and would like to know how accurate doing the finger prick microcontainer is in comparison to the blood draw from a nurse?

The reason in opting for the finger prick is that I can do it nice and early in the morning and at my convenience, rather then having to ask someone I know (medically trained) to do it for me at their convenience.

Any experience with the finger prick option will be appreciated, I don't want to be paying out if the results are going to be less reliable, if you know what I mean!


Victoria Blossom x

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Hi, idid this two weeks ago and as long as you follow the instructions you will be fine. Thyroid uk recommend them so they must be accurate. Remember, don't take meds beforehand and fast, although you can have water. I didn't get enough blood at first which was my fault, but they sent me another kit and did the whole lot again free of charge! Results the day after posting. :-)

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Oh that's a relief, thanks for your advice :) do doctors get funny about showing them your private results? I've just heard that they can get a little narky.. Not that I'm bothered.


I just said that I went private because I know they are outside his guidelines and didn't want to use nhs resources, especially as he is so busy! It seemed to placate him. :-)


I've done the BH tests at around the same time as I have had them done for hospital visits and while they use different lab ranges my figures are in the same sort of place within both lots of lab ranges. They are an accredited lab and I certainly never had any surprises when I got my NHS results.


Brilliant thank you :)

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