Blue Horizon thyroid 12 test - is it a IV blood test or finger prick test? I asked them and they said a phlebotomist would help! πŸ˜’

Hey you wonderful lot,

I am wanting to get the Blue Horizon thyroid 12 test, it's on sale incidentally, but I need to know if this is an IV blood test (Preferred option) or a finger prick/blood spot type of test?

If it's the finger prick test is that enough blood to test with and do any of you feel it worked perfectly for you?

I'm broke but need to choose the right test to get my health sorted and I guess psychologically I associate taking blood from a vein as better than a finger prick. Silly I know.

Thanks in advance


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MrsJim It's a phlebotomist job. As it includes reverse T3 it needs a proper blood draw, I think something has to be done with the blood before it's sent off (centrifugation perhaps??)

Thanks so much for getting back to me. Do you know if they stick a needle in your arm to take the blood or just prick the finger and squeeze a little blood out?

Thanks again


MrsJim It's a proper phlebotomist blood draw like they'd do at your GP surgery or hospital. They stick a needle in your arm to draw the blood. They don't do fingerprick blood tests for thyroid at GP surgeries or hospitals, that's a home test for convenience for patients not wanting to involve their GPs.

Thanks so much you're a star.xx

Hi MrsJim,

I got the Blue Horizon +12 thyroid test done and it is IV blood test.

Hope this helps, there is a discount code that gives you Β£10 off.

I forget the code, sorry, but another member will reply with it soon.

J πŸ€

You're an absolute star, thank you so much.x

Hi MrsJim,

The code is TUK10 for an extra £10 off, every little helps😊

Ah bless you, what a super star xxx

Well that's the thyroid 12 ordered, thank the bloke upstairs for credit cards! (Not God, husband πŸ˜†)

My hearts racing but I doubt it's out to do with how desperately hopeful I am of the results being the answer to years of hell, I forgot to take my propranolol and that's a more likely reason for my palps!

Thank you all for helping me, y'all are stars.xxxx

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