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Need help with test results please

Just got my latest results today but need to know if I should up my dose of Levothyroxine to 50 mcg as my GP tells me or just stick to 35 mcg for the moment. I started meds in February.

Tsh: November 4.210 - January 6.070 - February 7.890 - March 4.050

T3: January 3.5 - February 3.0 - March 2.9

T4: January 10.8 - February 9.5 - March 11.7

Anti-thyroperoxydase in January was 304.4 which indicates maybe Hashimotos though my dr is doing nothing to investigate this further as he says there's no treatment for it and I'm only starting a hypothyroid problem which isn't that bad yet.

I'm having hyperthyroid side effects from the meds (insomnia, some days hyper with racing heartbeat, constipation). It's up and down and no real balance. Should I feel balanced out most days or is it too early?

Are my latest results good?

Is it important to do further testing on the Hashimoto in order to get to the root of my symptoms? I feel frustrated that my thyroid is being treated but the root of the imbalance isn't been dealt with.

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Do you have the ranges for the tests (the numbers usually in brackets after the result)?

If the ranges are the typical UK ones then no, your results aren't that good and indicate a rise in meds is necessary. Your TSH is too high and your free Ts too low, maybe even under range but impossible to know unless you can provide the ranges.

Your TPO antibodies confirm Hashimoto's, no maybe about it. To dampen down the autoimmune attacks you are getting with your Hashi's you need to go scrupulously gluten free, some people also need to be dairy free.

When you have Hashi's you can swing from hypo to hyper depending on whether the antibodies are attacking. I'm not Hashi's, hopefully someone with more experience will come along with more advise.

Is your dose of thyroxine 35mcg a typo? Are you taking 25mcg? There are only 25, 50 and 100mcg tablets of Levothyroxine. Anyway, it's very low, just a starting dose. It's usual to increase after about 6 weeks from starting when new blood tests results are in. Then every 6-8 weeks retest and increase by another 25mcg etc until the right dose for you is found.

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yes, I calculated wrong! It's 37.5mcg. I'm now on 50mcg.


You must eliminate gluten from your diet if you have hashis.

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