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Got my T3 without prescription from Greece incredibly fast (thanks to all who gave me the link). I'm now on 25mcg, when should I increase?

I am felling sick for years. I wasn't sure what's wrong with me because besides slightly elevated TSH all my other results were fine. I am constantly in pain, cold, tired, brain fogged, overweight, my hair is shedding... I also have terrible swelling, some days I can't breathe or fit into any of my clothes. My doctor refused to treat me for anything. He didn't even make any sort of diagnose for my case. While ago I found a video on YouTube with an woman showing skip pinch test for hypothyroidism. I did it on me and WOW I couldn't pinch it at all! That was it, I am obviously hypothyroid and since I was reading around that tests can be normal and you can still be hypo I decided to selfmedicate. Since so many people are saying that they are feeling miserable on T4 I decided to start with T3. I took my first tablet yesterday morning and within an hour I already felt much warmer. Also my regular headache got better. My question is how long should I stay on this dose and when should I increase? Also is it better to take T3 only once a day or it's better that I take half in the morning and other half later. Thank you.

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Have you got any thyroid function test results you can share (with ranges)? Have you had Vit D, B12, ferritin and Folate tested? It would be an idea to get up to date tests done (you can do them privately through Blue Horizon, link on ThyroidUK's main website). Then members can suggest what may be right for you.

I'm sorry but I think you are playing quite a dangerous game. A skin pinch test doesn't diagnose hypothyroidism. Most people do actually get on fine with Levo T4, you don't see them all that often on here because they're doing OK. Most of the people on here have tried and found that T4 doesn't work for them so they've gone an alternative route.

T3 is very potent and if it takes your FT3 way over range you're storing up trouble for the future. You might do well on a combo of T4 and T3, or natural dessicated thyroid (NDT).

My advice is to (A) ask for up to date thyroid function tests from your GP to include TSH, FT4 and FT3, TPO and TgAb antibodies, plus the other tests for vits and minerals mentioned above. If you get nowhere with your GP then (B) get the Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Ten test. Post your results, with ranges, and be guided by the suggestions of members.

Also, starting on 25mcg is a big dose, equivalent to about 100mcg Levo. Thyroid hormones should be started on a low dose and increased gradually.


But isn't this how hypothyroidism was diagnosed in old times - by pinching the skin to see do you have myxoedema and by your symptoms? Back then there were no tests but in the same time people were less miserable because doctors treated them as persons, they were not treating just results on the paper. My results were normal - so my doctor refused to listen to me any further. Reason why I decided to go straight to T3 is because many people are feeling awful on T4 and I also have the aunt who is on levothyroxine for 30 years and she was so unwell on it all these years. Now it's probably too late for her since she is very old and already so sick to have strength to change anything but it is not too late for me, that's why I decided to go on T3, especially since my results are normal I obviously have some problem with RT3 (never tested that) or my cell are resistant to thyroid hormone so T3 should be the right cure for that conditions. Maybe I took too much for a start, maybe I should have taken 1/2 of the tablet instead, but I definitely think that I made a right choice choosing T3 instead of levo.

Can you post your blood test results with ranges?

You are right, before blood tests were introduced diagnosis was by symptoms. But back then there was no synthetic T4 or T3, only natural dessicated thyroid which contained the correct balance of all the Thyroid hormones. Nobody was treated with just one of the Thyroid hormones back then like you are proposing

You say your results are normal. Well, what are they? If you have all your numbers within their ranges but the TSH is on the high side and the free Ts low, then that can point to hypothyroidism. But if the TSH is low and the free Ts high, that's a different story. If you have a high FT4 and low FT3 that could point to poor conversion. If you have a high FT3 and low FT4 then you certainly wouldn't want to be taking T3 only. You don't know if you have a problem with rT3 or if your cells are resistant to Thyroid hormone, you say yourself you've not been tested so you can't assume that is the case. If I have a headache it may or may not be a brain tumour, I wouldn't know unless I had a scan but I certainly wouldn't push for an operation or chemo unless I was certain.

You say many people feel awful on T4 only. In fact the greater majority of hypo patients do well on it. You just won't find them on forums like this one, they're getting on with their lives because they feel OK. Most people on these forums are those who have tried it and it doesn't suit them and they need an alternative.

Other things play a part also. Some people struggle with their adrenals, iron deficiency can cause hair loss, B12 deficiency can cause tiredness, sex hormones could be out of whack. So it's important to take all these into account.

My advice to start with is still to get your vits and mins tested to see if any deficiencies need addressing. Post those and any thyroid results you have, with ranges, so members can see how "normal" you are and make suggestions accordingly.


I agree with Seasidesusie with regard to starting on T3 without first trying T4. First, because it would be easier for you to obtain T4 from your GP and many do well on it.

I tried levo but didn't do well on it so am now on T3. My personal decision is once daily dose. I then don't have to bother remembering that I have to take another dose and also remembering to have an empty stomach.etc.

If you've began on a 25mcg of T3 tablet, I would have thought that was a bit too high if you've never been on thyroid hormones previously.

If you have any signs of overstimulation, fast pulse or palpitations, too hot, you will have to drop your dose tomorrow to half tablet. You continue for two weeks on the same dose and then add a 1/4 or half tablet until you reach an optimum and you feel well with no symptoms. I always prefer 1/4 as it is easier to drop back if you think you are slightly over the top.

I wish you success on T3.

"I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"


Thank you. It was impossible to get the prescription even for levo from my GP, he said to me your thyroid results are fine there is no reason for me to prescribe you any medication. I tried to tell him how I feel many times but he was completely uninterested. Yes maybe I took too much of T3 for a start. I don't know why, maybe i was too lazy to cut the pill in half :) Anyway, for the time I feel okay, temperature fine, no palpitations. If something like this happens I'll take less the next day.

I'm sure you can also get levothyroxine from the same source then if that didn't work (it does take a while of either T4 or T3 and it mustn't be increased too quickly) you could add some T3.

It is best to start low and work up gradually especially if you've not been on thyroid hormones before.

I'll stay on this dose of T3 and during time I will see do I need more. But so far I think I made a right choice, at least my headaches are gone and I am not cold! Hope it will stay that way.

CreamPie, T3 isn't an instant fix. You need to be taking it for a few weeks for it to metabolise and start relieving symptoms, and you may find that symptoms lag behind good biochemistry by a few months.

It's premature to be considering increasing dose after taking it for one day. 25mcg T3 is a full replacement dose and may be too much if FT3 is within range. You should have a thyroid test, including FT3, 6-8 weeks after starting T3 and check levels before increasing dose.

It's highly unlikely you have high rT3 which is usually caused by unconverted T4 as you haven't been taking Levothyroxine or NDT and why would you assume you are resistant to thyroid hormone when you've taken 1 x 25mcg dose?


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

I am aware that it isn't instant fix but I admit I'm a bit inpatient :) I think that I have problem on cellular level or with RT3 because my T3 and T4 results were always normal, I only have slightly elevated TSH but not enough to get any treatment prescribed by my GP and still for years I am having every singe possible symptom of hypothyroidism. So problem must be somewhere but it's obviously not showing in my blood. I just started with T3, I don't think that I am resistant to the tablets I took yesterday and today, it seems that something of it is getting into my cells since I already feel warmer and today I didn't get my regular headache. I think that I had this resistance for years on my own hormone since if I have good levels of T3 in blood but I still feel so hypothyroid something must be wrong.

CreamPie, what's wrong is the breadth of the ranges and the assumption that patients don't experience hypothyroid symptoms until TSH is very abnormal. Many patients are very symptomatic with TSH between 2.5-3.0 and may respond well to thyroid replacement but it doesn't mean they have high rT3 or resistance to thyroid hormone.

Please don't assume you are resistant and can therefore take supraphysiological doses of T3. Allow the 25mcg you are taking to metabolise and have an FT3 test before increasing dose. The risks of atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis increase when FT3 is over range.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Thank you. I'll do it like that, will stay on this dose for the time.

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me where I can buy the T3 without a prescription? The pharmacy I was getting to from is out of stock now and I need to buy more.

Thank you.

Does anyone know where I can purchase with a credit card and no prescription? Thanks again.

How do you feel now CreamPie? For me T3 really made a difference.

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Very good, thank you for asking. I think things are improving each day for me. It's a long road I know and I can't expect miracles overnight since great damage was done to my organism in all these years spent without any treatment but I am definitely on the road to recovery, I can feel that already.

How long you've been untreated?

For at least 7 years, probably more, but this is when I became really sick.

Oh, it's terrible being without any treatment for so many years :( Doctors are b....... I wish you full recovery!

Thank you :)

Hi would you be able to pass on the link to get T3 from Greece. Thanks !

If you want a PM of where to get medicines, people need to believe you need their help. They need to be able to ask you if you really need the product, if you understand how to use it, where you live, and other relevant questions. Just posting "PM me too" really does not allow that sort of interaction and you are likely to get fewer responses, and possibly miss out on some good sources and advice. So post you own new question.

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If, despite all the above, you do still wish to ask a particular member to send you a PM, well, I suggest that instead of posting "PM me too" you simply send a PM directly to the person you want to respond? This makes it super-easy for the person to respond to your PM. They can respond, or ignore.

If you receive a PM request, there is no need to then post "I've sent you a PM" on the thread as well as actually sending a PM as requested.

(PM = Private Message)

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