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Menopause & Graves Disease

Hi I am 52 and was diagnosed with Graves Disease last June. I am well balanced now according to my endo and take 10mg of carbimazole per day but I am also menopausal and have some symptoms that I would like to try to deal with ie hair loss, fuzzy memory, joint pain and weight gain. I try to eat well, fast two days a week, exercise daily and take vit C, D and B12 daily too. I am thinking of trying Happy PMS cream and would like to know if anyone has tried it with carbimazole please? Also can anyone recommend any supplements that I can use with carbimazole to help with my symptoms? Many thanks

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I had the onset of Graves and menopause together too. It is sometimes difficult to tell which is giving the symptoms as they are so similar.

Your Carbimazole dose may need to be lowered (your Endo's opinion of 'balanced' may differ from a patients opinion!) Maybe start a new post with your thyroid results (with ranges) and I'm sure someone will comment.

How are your iron levels?




Thanks very much for the reply.

I have just received my current blood results which are - FT4 - 12, FT3 - 4.6 and TSH 2.31 - euthyroid. 

Originally I was on beta blockers and 15mg of carbimazole but have now been on 10mg since Oct 2015. My endo wants to keep me on 10mg till September and says that then he will take me off it if my bloods are still OK, I did ask about reducing to 5mg now but he said no. 

Thanks very much. 



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