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Pregnancy with Graves



I'm looking into having artificial insemination but have either Hashimoto's, hyper or hypo which is currently being looked into by my specialist.

I just wanted to see if anyone has any advice or can share with me there experiences of trying to conceive through to birth so i can have a rough idea on what to expect? How easy or hard it was to conceive, things i can do etc?

I have wanted a baby for at least 10 years but due to life events it's never happened but i don't want to miss out on having my own child and feel this is my only option i just don't know where to start.

Any advice/guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Nikki :)

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Have you tested positive for Graves' antibodies? Those would be TSI, TRab, TSH Receptor antibodies, or TBII. Be warned that women with Graves' can have a rare complication in pregnancy that affects the fetus--it's called neonatal Graves'. That said, many women with Graves' have had successful pregnancies, so there's no way to tell who's at risk. Obviously, close monitoring of the fetus (and you) throughout the pregnancy would be essential. Ideally, you'd have a knowledgeable medical team to guide you through all of this.

nikki2975 in reply to HIFL

My doctor says i have in the past but didn't say anymore about it. he's not been really helpful as far as the blood tests go. he won't do ones i've been advised on here to ask for so who knows. i'm hoping to get copies of my blood tests next week and i'll find out for sure.

I had my third baby in 2014 and while pregnant the graves came back . This caused thyroid eye disease and I was monitored through out and not allowed to go full term . Baby was born with high levels of graves anti bodies but after 6 weeks they had gone . I have an older son who has developed vitiligo which is autoimmune just as graves is so just know that you can pass autoimmune issues to your children and doesn't have to show immediately. I would think with graves if that is what you have then you will be advised not to get pregnant until it is at least under control . I never had any problems conceiving. Had my first at 22, second at 25 and my third at 40.


I was an untreated hypo when I had both my boys. both have dyspraxia but I dont think thats connected. My progesterone levels were low early pregnancy and I needed metformin and clomid before I would conceive. Other wise things have been fine.

Hi there I have graves disease which makes me overactive I was diagnosed in Nov 2013 and was upset because I thought it might affect me having a baby but luckily it never really affected my monthly cycle and I got pregnant very quickly. All throughout my pregnancy I was monitored very closely by specialists with scans and bloods and everything was all fine and normal throughout whole pregnancy. The specialist consultant said it is very very rare that it affects babies it does happen though but very rare which also put my mind at rest. I had a very healthy baby girl who has just turned 1. For me knowing when you ovulate is how I got pregnant its all down to timeing. Good luck to you.

Hiya, I can't really offer any advice as such but I have Graves and have been trying to conceive for almost three years (with an early miscarriage after about one year). I do have mild endometriosis as well so my inability to conceive could be due to that rather than the Graves but both can affect your ovarian reserve so I would definitely recommend getting that tested. I think your TSH is also supposed to ideally be between 1 and 2 when trying to get pregnant too. x

I was diagnosed with Graves disease, it didn't affect my fertility but it meant that I had more scans and checks through my pregnancies than normal, which is very reassuring. Between my first and second child I had a sub-total thyroidectomy, which sent me hypothyroid. Once that was under control, again I fell pregnant very quickly with number two (as I did with my third pregnancy which unfortunately for entirely unrelated reasons I lost).

They tested both my sons for thyroid problems using blood from the umbilical cord, both of them were absolutely fine.

As a previous poster said, I would not even think about getting pregnant until they have confirmed exactly what the problem is with your thyroid, and got it under control, as it will affect how you are treated during your pregnancy.

Good luck and hope this helps a little!

I don't have Graves but have had an overactive thyroid since 2008 it affected my periods on a strange way shortening my cycle. I had no difficulty conceiving but has low hormone levels had extra scans and visits to the endocrinologist as my thyroid didn't like me being pregnant. Both boys (my 3rd and 4th) were tested at birth and their thyroid a are fine. I found being pregnant with an overactive thyroid difficult and I was ill for most of my last pregnancy and had to be induced 3 weeks early.

My recommendation is not to do anything until your levels are stable, check with your dr as well x

Hi there,

I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years - I also had an early miscarriage.

We decided to go for IVF but when all my bloods were done I discovered I had hashimoto's - the clinic would not give us IVF until my levels were normal.

I was put on thyroxin 75mg and within 6 weeks I naturally conceived 😀

I am now 5 1/2 months ❤️

So my advice to you is try to get on medication as soon as possible

Lisa x

If you are not taking any form of blood thinner, and your blood pressure is not sky high, and you if do not have a rheumatic heart condition then it's very important that you take vitamin E, 100mg daily raise by 100 mgs each week up to 6-700mgs daily. Also take vitamin B6 50-100 mgs daily, magnesium 500mgs (you'll get this in half a teaspoon of epsom salts, best and cheapest way to absorb it) plus 15mgs of zinc. If you get a too fast heartbeat when taking thyroid medication, add 1-2 capsules of codliver oil. Hope this helps.

Hi, I had overactive thyroid with my 2nd child and was monitored everything went well. Sadly it took us 3 years to conceive our 3rd child and then I was diagnosed with graves. I had to be closely monitored and had an a lot of medication to take to try and keep it under control, which made me sick as they had a horrendous after taste and didn't matter what I ate or drank the potent taste came back. My 3rd child ended in an emergency c section and was 5lb 12oz, but healthy. My 1st born was 7lb 10oz my 2nd was 7lb 4oz. So my 3rd was the smallest which I think was due to the medication and me not eating a lot

Can I ask on here all of you that have been pregnant with graves? Whilst pregnant was your medication doubled when you were pregnant even though you levels were fine? Reason I ask, I have problems with my youngest as he has developmental delay and failed to hit his milestones. I have read reports that if your medication during pregnancy is not doubled it can restrict brain development! As far as I can remember my bloods were monitored during pregnancy but my meds were never increased. I am constantly at different specialist appointments for him. As well as coping with being under active!!

I have graves which makes me overactive and they just swapped my carbimazole tablets to PTU tablets my thyroid seemed to settle during pregnancy and then i came off the meds as thyroid levels were normal. It was only 6 months after giving birth i then became overactive again and went back on meds, only now has my thyroid just settled down and levels now normal. My daughter is 13 months old and so far has hit all her milestones. Its been very hard looking after her with my symptoms but hopefully now it stays settled.

Thank you everyone for all your replies.

I have my next doctors appointment on the 14th April and will be speaking to her about getting me put on the waiting list for insemination.

From the info i have received on here so far i know i need to find out exactly what's happening with my thyroid and get it under control as well as take my medications and supplement and make sure i'm monitored regularly. I also need to lose weight as it's been up and down for the last year.

Is there anything else i should do too or that i've missed?

Thanks :)

I was swapped onto PTU in pregnancy too for Graves. My eldest was born without a thyroid and was treated at Great Ormand St from ten days old. She is now four and very healthy but will obviously need medication for life and has to be monitored carefully. I hadn't realised that my condition might effect my child's health. My husband's mum is hypo so she had a higher than usual chance of thyroid issues 😔

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