Hi, I am not sure if anyone has any experience of this or can offer any advice. I was diagnosed with a very overactive thyroid ( ft4 61, ft3 31) I was put on 40mg carbimazole. 6 weeks later I had another blood test which was normal. I was then put on 5mg instead. I have had a phone call telling me that my antibodies show graves disease rather than thyroiditis, but the fact that my results came down very fast does not tie into that diagnosis. Anyone else had a similar problem/ diagnosis. Thanks

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  • Hi. I was diagnosed with graves and after 6 weeks of starting treatment I was underactive and so I think a speedy response can happen. Nobody thought it unusual in any case. My dose of medication was reduced and that balanced things out.

  • thanks for the reply. I was confused a little about what I was told. Will have to see how things go. Thanks again.

  • I was the same when I was first diagnosed I was normal within six weeks after three months I came of all meds one year later it was back and took a year to get back to normal. Stick with the low dose and you will be fine xx

  • thanks. I am off the meds because of joint problems. Have discovers the pain is due to other things. I am due a blood test next week to see how things are. I was a little confused as to whether I still had graves or if it has been "cured" still new to all of this. Thanks again.

  • Hi I had thyrotoxicosis ( thyroid crisis) and was diagnosed with Graves. I am a nurse and wanted to try and hang onto my thyroid so have now managed over the last year to slowly reduce the carbimazole which was started at 80mgs and have just come off as apparently stable. Good luck and go slow with reducing it to get full benefit. I wanted to reduce more quickly but you need to go slow! Watch what you are eating as I was eating loads of fish broccoli and cauliflower thinking it was healthy but this was not if your thyroid is over active.

    Avoid stress as this for me was a trigger. I took up reiki which helped and gave me time out to chill from my hectic lifestyle.

  • thanks for your reply. I am now overactive again and am on 10mg carbimazole for 2 weeks, then 5mg after. I have to have a blood test done in 4 weeks. Dr has said that it looks like I am very sensitive to the carbimazole. X

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