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Please help itching and it won't stop

I suspect I have overworked/stressed liver. I went to the doctor last week and got diagnosed with yeast doctor gave me nystatin I took it got hives all over my body finally got a steroid for it and the rash is pretty much gone but I continue to itch quite horribly. I'm thinking if indeed my liver is stressed maybe taking nystatin was very hard on my liver and maybe it didn't filter it properly or something and I'm thinking possibly that could be why I continue to itch? I got a liver cleansing kit today its a 2 week program I'm hoping and praying it works

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Why would your liver be stressed? Have you had liver enzymes tested?

You need to be careful with these 'cleansing kits'. The majority are useless. Some can contain substances which stress the body especially the kidneys.


Idk but I've been itching chronically for like 1.5 years and I've got a lot of symptoms although I've never drank alcohol ect


Itching from liver disease would mean you'd have jaundice. Even when I had jaundice from Hepatitis A, I got itchy for a few days and then it cleared up.

If you take hot showers (most common reason these days for dry, itchy skin) the protective oil barrier on the skin is washed off. It's better to take baths and add lots of epsom salt. That's good for the skin. Soak but only use soap on 'stinky bits'. ;) Flat skin, like the back, legs, belly, upper arms... it's enough to give them a soak and maybe wipe with a wet washcloth if you insist. Gently towel dry. Don't rub too enthusiastically.

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ALL I take is hot showers


Bingo. There you go. Lower the temperature. One of the women I work with had these skin fungus things. She also was taking hot showers. Went to a dermatologist. Guy prescribed an antifungal med (not Nystatin). Told her to stop the hot showers. Anyway, fungus gone. She now takes warm showers, not much warmer than body temperature. And not using all that shower gel stuff either.


Ok so why after all my life of taking hot showers why would it just now affect me? Kinda weird


We change. The father of my previous office manager showed up one day with a can of anti-fungal spray for his back. It was like athletes foot fungus but on his back skin. Huge patch of whitish tissue with some red areas.

I was like, what are you doing? Are you taking hot showers or what? Yup. Okay, lower the temperature and use Dettol soap. Dettol soap has some good oils in it and doesn dry the skin. Plus it's antibacterial and stuff

like that. Fungus totally cleared up.

Also it's totally unnecessary to shower every day unless someone has a super sweaty physical job. Every other day and use a washcloth other days to clean the smelly bits.

What are we doing? Okay in the old days people took a bath once a week. They probably didn't smell too good. But all this going over the top, taking several showers per day? Is this a psychological problem? My daughter was doing the same thing and changing her clothes multiple times per day (she's an athlete but still... fresh sweat don't stink).

Not only does the hot showering remove body oils but it also screws up the bacterial biome of the skin. Injured skin gets fungus easy. If the bacterial biome is respected, it prevents fungus from growing. Competition. Our microscopic buddies need to live in balance.


You don't have adrenal problems,do you?


Are you following an anti candida diet? No good treating the symptoms if you do nothing about the cause.


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