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Active B12 results finally here 27(25-108) MMA 708 (0-280) GP said no action, so just picked up printout and found this. Any advice please?

Hi, firstly many thanks for all your help and advice I've had. I've discovered low ferritin, low vitamin and now this thanks to your help.

I wasn't contacted about needing MMA test, receptionist said No action on Friday, so assumed it was back to the drawing board, but thanks to learning otherwise on here picked up printout today!

It says MMA result suggests functional vitamin B12 deficiency/insufficiency at the tissue level ( providing renal function okay). It also states it can be raised due to thyroid, elevated bacterial overgrowth, etc.

I'm going to contact St Thomas to see what they suggest, but am thinking I need to request the IF and parietal test?

Can anyone suggest anything else that may need to be checked please?

My B12 was 262 in August, but it's taken this long to get Active B12 sorted. Have been feeling rotten for so long ( diagnosed ME 16 years ago) had 10 months of recurring sinus/ear infections again last year. Since 3 more antibiotics in a row leading up to Christmas and then a weird migraine type thing have continued to feel bad. Balance has worsened, seeing flashing lights at times although vision is now improving again, weakness down one side, breathlessness, brain fog, stomach pain, the list could go on! :)

I am fuming that I've had to find these results via a printout, but not surprised! But on the other hand incredibly hopeful I may have discovered something that could finally help.

I'd really appreciate any of your thoughts and advice with this please...Jo

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So glad you are making progress. It would be good to check out WHY your B12 was so low and have the anti-bodies tested for PA. You may wish to post your findings on the PAS forum here on HU where you will be given so much helpful advice. One thing I think they will say is that a negative anti-body test does NOT mean you do not have PA.

I would be concerned that as you have had anti-biotics x 3 in a short space of time your gut will be struggling with so many good bacteria being destroyed. Maybe consider rebuilding with probiotics. Sorry cannot suggest one - but others will.

As you have neurological symptoms - please ensure you have read the Guidelines about B12 deficiency and Folate deficiency - for appropriate treatment. It is more than likely your Doc will NOT have read them - even though they are for GP's etc.


Scroll down to page 8 for the treatment ....


Thanks so much Marz. I think I'll try and print this out, with a copy of the results and hand it to my Doctor. I have an ipad at the mo, so will have to work out how I can print it. That's just the info I needed.

Thank you Jo:)

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He should have a copy hidden in his desk :-) - or show him on your i-pad !!

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Have written a letter with all the useful info from here to Doc, so I await to hear! Yes, decided against printing it all out, was only going to cost me more, so included all the websites, links in the letter. Thought this'd be quicker than waiting for an appointment at this stage, fingers crossed! Thanks again for your help :)

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Jo5454, it may be worth asking advice on healthunlocked.com/pasoc

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