Feeling awful but bloods have come back normal

Hi I haven't posted for a while I'm in remission for graves but have been feeling awful again with all the same symptoms as before I had another blood test but they have all come back fine

Tsh 1.29 range 0.3-3.94

Ft4 15.6 range 12.3 - 20.2

I really did expect them to come back different

Can anyone shed some light as to why I'm feeling so bad

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  • You don't know what your T3 is because it's rarely tested for.

    You could try and get your GP to test or you could get a private test because I bet your T3 is low and that's why you feel rubbish.

    You also need to find out about your:




    Vit D

    H x

  • Thanks I can't get a appointment with the only dr with any brains until the 16th I will ask her then but getting them to do t3 when everything else is in range will be a challenge

    My b12 should be fine as it was only 234 couldn't get them to do anything about that so took matters in my own hands and have been supplementing 5000 mg marrows for 2 mths also took folate for a month as well as I belive they need to work together

    One thing that does confuse me is that most people on here are hypo and advise for blood test is first thing in morning fasting my blood test was first thing in morning so in the case of hyper is it better latter in the day

  • If you were hyper, the TSH would be low first thing in the morning, and all day, and FT4 would be high. It's just that you get a truer reading first thing in the morning.

    ALL the Bs work together, so you should be taking a B complex, not just Folate. And if you get one with methylfolate, rather than folic acid, that will bring your folate up nicely. :)

  • Thanks grey goose I was taking jarrows multi b vist as well but I stopped as I thought that perhaps

    The red hot burning flush was caused by to much b6

  • Ah, yes, could be. But the amount in a B complex is usually ok - unless you're taking some other form of B6.

    Has the red hot burning flush gone now you're off the complex?

  • Well I haven't had another one since I might try again in a week or so and see if it happens again I know jarrows are quite potent I can't belive how many of my so called thyroid symptoms dissapeared after taking the b12 for only 6. Weeks

  • Oh, i can believe it! I was losing the use of my right arm when my B12 came back as 350 - and, of course, the doctor said that was 'perfect'! So, I treated myself and now my arm is fully functioning again. Stupid doctors! They know nothing!

  • How do the "bad symptoms" manifest? I.E. Are you tired, etc??

  • Hi ckhup I have fine tremours on my hands again headaches espically in morning my neck feels full I'm miss angry again needing to go to the lol all the time and exhausted even doing nothing it's not as bad as last time but last time I was very ill I was surprised my bloods came back normal I was hoping to catch it before I got that bad again

  • Your Free T4 is in the lower half of the range. That is enough to make lots of us feel terrible.

    Since you have Graves' Disease your body may well be used to working with high levels of thyroid hormones, so having low Free T4 may make you feel terribly hypo. It would really have helped if you had been tested for Free T3 too. In fact I would have thought it was absolutely crucial for someone with your medical history of Graves' Disease.

  • Thanks humanbean I will ask her to test my t3 but I don't hold much hope and she is one of the better dr do you think it's a good idea to get it done privately I don't have a lot of money but if there is a good chance it will show something I will go for it when I was diagnosed with graves I also showed hashi antibodies so I'm wondering if I'm in a kid of up down cycle just before I started to feel bad again I came up wth a solid red rash all over my face and chest it burnt like hell and I looked like I had been dipped in boiling water it only stayed about a hour but I have gone down hill since

  • if i were you, i would order my own blood tests, so that you can get a free t3 level. Also, with autoimmune diseases people have odd symptoms. I have not felt right since i got Hashimoto's.

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