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Bloods come as normal but feel back to square one

Had my bloods come back as normal first time felt great until this morning my skin feels dry again and puffy and i am also anxious he only thing I did different is put coconut oil on my face which is meant to be good for you. Now I don't know if I'm anxious about the fact about my face and it's a reaction to the oil or if it's my symptoms coming back feel silly but advice please 

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The best way to respond to your question is if you get a print-out of your blood test results and post with the ranges. If you don't have them to hand now, put them on a new post.

Normal is meaningless if we have clinical symptoms.

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Thanks have rang the doctor they are going to check if need my bloods done again as took my tablet before I went for them to be taken so may be wrong??


Hi. Yes, you should leave 24 hours between your last meds and the test. Take it after. Also, no food for about ten hours beforehand, but you can have water. Get the test as early as possible so the tsh is at its highest.:-)


They spoke to the pharmacist who advised I don't need to do another test and that the results would be right! I had alcohol on Saturday so maybe it takes me a while to get over the effects 😔


If I was you and they won't do the test again, get them done privately. This is what most of us have done. If you go on the site and look for blue horizon medicals you can get the thyroid plus ten test for £89. That's with the thyroid uk discount. It's worth it if you can then post the results with the ranges on here for people to interpret them. That was the only way I found out I was slightly undermedicated, had hashimotos disease and was deficient in b12, folate and ferritin. Good luck :-)


I doubt the doctors are aware that results can be skewed if we take levo before test. I hope they let you have another. If not you''ll have to wait or get a private one.


Got an appointment at the doctors husband going with me as need to be able to get better as have a child with ASD and I need to function at the minute I'm anxious and irritable and can't be this way with her and my other child they need their patient mummy back ASAP thanks for your support its made me want to fight this 😊


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