Armour or levothyroxine?

So after visiting the private consultant he prescribed me the meds I wanted. Finally someone who listened. However, everything is within the normal range, t4, t3 and TSH which was 1.77 but it was done in the afternoon. So I'd say the accurate one was 2.82 which was 2 weeks ago. My antibodies are 109 TPO. In your experience with my results what would you reccomend?

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  • Orangpie, 85% of patients do very well on Levothyroxine so I'd start with that. If, a few months down the line, Levothyroxine doesn't suit you can consider adding T3 or switching to NDT.

  • Do you know if NDT helps with nocturia please?

  • Ging, No, I don't know. Try entering Nocturia into the HU Search box.

  • Thank you. Will do. Ging

  • Is your endo still going to prescribe it?

  • If the endo is prescribing Armour I would personally grab it with both hands

    but then I have 5 family members who are in terrible pain if on Levo

  • Ok thanks for the advice .

  • Yes he has

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