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Hi guys!

I'm new here and in need of some help. I was diagnosed with depression August 2016, completely losing my zest for life. I'm only 20 years old and so overwhelmed by what I've gone through. I've had my thyroid tested twice, by request, and my doctor told me I'm fine and within range. However, I also have a ferritin of 5 and 26 for my vitamin d. I've finally switched to a new, holistic doctor, who says i have hypothyroidism going on, due to low levels. I also found out that thyroid issues run in my family. In addition, I recently had two panic attacks this last week and cannot sleep at all. I'm so tired of feeling this way and so unsure of what exactly is causing what. Please help!


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  • Hi Twinkletoes, It is a shame to have this when you are so young but you can deal with it and I hope your holistic doctor is able to advise you. Your ferritin level I'm sure is low; do you have the range? Usually the high is possibly 150. One of the first things that can happen is that your gut isn't really breaking down minerals and nutrients which means iron and B12 aren't getting into the cells. Without doing that it makes it hard for your thyroid hormone to process. I hope your doctor works on those issues and sees the whole picture. Low thyroid definitely affects neurotransmittors like serotonin and dopamine. The more you learn the better and there is a lot of good information.

  • Also this study was done.

    With over 4000 patients, The Star*D Report is the largest trial comparing antidepressant effectiveness for depression. It found that 66% of patients fail to respond to antidepressants or have side-effects severe enough to discontinue use. Of those who do respond, over half will relapse within one year (228). The trial found that T3 was effective even when other medications — such as citalopram (Celexa), bupropion (Wellbutrin), sertraline (Zolft), venlafaxine (Effexor), or cognitive therapy – were not. It was shown to be 50% more effective, even with the less than optimal dose of 50 mcg, under direct comparison with significantly less side effects than commonly used therapeutic approaches with standard antidepressants. The authors included a case study to exemplify the effectiveness of T3, especially when other medications are not:

  • How are you being treated for the VERY LOW Ferritin and VitD ?

    Read up about depression on the websites for Kelly Brogan and David Perlmutter. Gut health is key 😊

  • I'm glad you have found an holistic doctor who will treat you.

    When you have a blood test for thyroid hormones, it is always best to have the earliest appointment, fasting and if on thyroid hormone replacement you should allow 24 hours gap approx between last dose and test and take it afterwards.

    Hormone replacement should be taken on an empty stomach and most take it when they get up and wait about an hour before eating. Or, at bedtime as long as you've last eaten protein about 3 hours previously (protein takes longer to digest).

    Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges for your own records and post if you have a query.

    You should have a Full Thyroid Function - TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. If you have antibodies it means you have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimotos and it is the commonest form and the antibodies attack the thyroid gland until you are hypothyroid. Going gluten-free can help reduce the attacks which wax and wane until hypo.

    Ask doctor to also check Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as everything has to be optimal. I shall give you a link of clinical symptoms.

  • If your gp won't test all the above things, get it done privately with medichecks or blue horizon. Post any results you have on here, (with their ranges) so people can offer support & advice.

  • Unless you have a very poor diet, your levels indicate that you're not absorbing nutrients very well. Along with the good advice above, it's worth getting tested for celiac disease then trying a gluten free diet, regardless of the result. My daughter discovered her fatigue and depression were greatly improved by giving up gluten, even though she tested negative for celiac disease.

  • he above advice from shaws is absolutely correct , normally gp's only test for tsh and this does not give a full picture so the other tests together will show a far more accurate picture of what is happening AND the optimum way of treating and in what way . I followed the exact same advice for my lady 4 yrs ago , together with our superb gp and we are now able to reasonably control her condition with regular blood tests [ from gp ] and occasional adjustments of meds when necessary . It will take time ,but, with the right advice ,knowledge and help you can and will get out of the tunnel , and where you now may feel helpless YOU will empower yourself with the help from the good people on this site

  • Hi

    Yes you should consider a full blood count- I doubt your gp will do that. I'd suggest blue horizon they send you the kit out you prick your finger (s) and send it back. There is a special offer on at the moment but usually it's circa £100 for all the tests including 11 vitamins. It takes 4 days and is private between the lab and yourself.

    If the ranges of the vitamins as mentioned above are similar to standard ones- you definitely are not absorbing your food. It's best not take supplements until you have the full results.

    Also geneova do a full stool analysis test ( sorry it's private and is circa£200) it's the only way you will know why your levels are so v low. They will explain if you are breaking down your food so what is the hydrochloric acid level in your stomach 0-4. Probiotics 0-4. Bad bacteria 0-4. You can have specific tests done for parasites and infections but at this stage I'd suggest you stick to the basic tests.

    When you have them you can post them for more support.

    Definitely do not even bother being tested for gluten it's a waste of 6 months of your life.

    Change now and eat more a stonage diet meat and veg eggs a little fruit ( berries) nuts seeds and good fat( coconut oil) see Drsarahmyhill. Stone Age diet she has 4K thyroid patients and with37 yrs expensive knows her stuff. All the books and web pages are fab. I'd class her as ecological. You will need a mixture between western and natural to be better.

    Good luck and if we can help just ask.

  • Your holistic doctor is, it seems, on the right path.

    The low levels of essential nutrients is causing low Thyroid. This is because the hormones being produced by your Thyroid are not able to be used by you. It might seem a straightforward solution to have thyroid replacement to fix it, but this may well not be the answer. You could end up feeling even worse unless you can get the low levels of ferritin and vitamin D sorted out, because as soon as you supplement with Thyroid hormones, your TSH drops, and your own thyroid output drops, too, in response.

    One place to start is to look at diet. First, do you eat enough sources of iron? Second, do you eat enough fat to enable your body to produce Vitamin D? Again, it would seem a quick fix to take supplements, and this can help, but long term you need to ensure your diet is good. However, if supplementing can get you kickstarted, that would be a big help.

    Once the vital nutrients are at a good level, it is possible that the problem will be resolved; your Thyroid may be functioning normally and by improving ferritin etc, it will be far better utilised.

    Low mood and depression can be caused by low T3, as Heloise points out. But when your level of nutrients is low, Thyroid supplementation either with Levothyroxine or Liothyronine (T3) can cause problems such as palpitations and a worsening of panic attacks. Hence getting these things sorted out first.

    marram xxxxx

  • Low ferritin and vit D and other nutrients can be a sign of gut issues. I would have SIBO, yeast and parasites checked. Functional doctors can help with this. Also some functional nutritionists.

  • Hi- I have a daughter that suffers occasionally from panic attacks and has gone through bad depression- it's hard for people to understand because she's healthy, beautiful, has lots of friends etc. it's something that can't be controlled and some times there's reasons and sometimes not to have attacks. What works very well for her is taking a pill whenever she feels she's getting an attack. I cannot remember the name now but I can look when I get home if you want to message me. She also sees a counselor who has done absolute wonders and some times (rarely) will use another pill if she can't sleep. There are mild antidepressants that also can take care of anxiety along with depression. I'd find a good Dr that could prescribe any of those for you. It's a horrible thing sometimes and there is help. Good luck ❤️ Also, if there's something-someone putting stress on your life, get rid of them/it.

  • Hi Kate, has you daughter tried magnesium foot soaks or baths for the anxiety? Another great herb for mental health is Bacopa Monniera fast acting and don't need it every day... Hope this helps

  • No- so thank you!

  • My hormones were a bit wacky and I did a bio identical treatment where you spit in a tube and they make you a cream to put on your skin. Idk if that would help you or not

  • My experience wth an undiagnosed thyroid disorder, at not much older than you, sounds like an exact duplicate. As soon as I was diagnosed as hypothyroid (Hashimoto's) and began taking Armour Thyroid replacement (now taking NDT) all was well. (no more depression, panic attacks, and host of other female maladies that you do not want to know about - all cured!) Synthroid sent me into thyroid storms, so do be cautious of Synthroid on any other total T4 replacements. You will have to learn all the medical / pharmaceutical terms (like TSH, T4, T3) and this (health unlocked) is a good place to start. Find Dr. Bergman on YouTube and watch, memorize, and apply all the things he says, and you will feel better in no time. Dr. Isabella Wentz, - all good places. The good news is that you can take control of your health, and there are lots resources (other than mainstream medicine who will NOT make you feel better) that work. The bad news is that you will have to educate yourself. While it is not that hard, it can be overwhelming at first.

    If you are like most of us, you will need thyroid replacement, at least to begin with. If you are in the UK, I've heard it will be next to impossible to receive a prescription for the T3, T4 combination, so you will have to source your own / pay for your own - but you must have it. Other must haves: Vit. D3 (at least 2000 mg); Selenium (200 mcg); free amino acids; proteolytic enzymes, and mineral supplement (calcium magnesium type). All of these will help to give you energy and lift brain fog, and work towards healing leaky gut. (Another term you must learn - even if you do not have leaky gut these supplements will still help) And yes, that is another term (leaky gut, autoimmunity, etc.) that you must learn. (Don't ask the mainstream medical folks, most of them deny it even exists!) If you do have leaky gut, then you will most probably have to remove wheat / gluten from you diet for at least 6 weeks (just for a test to see if you feel better) if not for the rest of your life.

    And I beg of you, please let us know how you are. Let us know what works, share with others who are also suffering, what worked for you - because all of us are in this together, and we are making a difference. We are helping each other, and some are even using the "cure" word. We are LIVING full and happy lives - with just a little knowledge and discipline. I say again, please let us know how you are, and what is working for you.

  • I'm doing okay. I guess it's hard because I keep hearing how this just "runs in the family" with anxiety and depression. I feel really trapped in a box, like this is the only thing and I can't be happy and without it. I'm now taking a probiotic and doing therapy, along with supplements, exercise, eating well, and sleeping consistency. It's just hard believing tho

  • Hi, just a few things, firstly more n more people are believing that adrenal fatigue precedes thyroid problems. Reason being that the thyroid tries to pick up the slack of the adrenals, and when the thyroid cannot handle it, here's where we get the diagnosis of a thyroid problem. Another thing also to consider is low stomach acid, and digestive enzymes required for nutrient absorption, so may want to consider inc a supplement to build these up.

    Another thing that's low with adrenal fatigue is low GH (growth hormone) an interesting thing here is that both require an adequate supply of Amino Acids plus Cofactors which are a B Complex, and Vit C @1000mg a day. An adrenal glandular for two months will/should help them heal in the beginning. This has really helped me, by feeding the adrenals, so much so that I'm lowering my thyroid meds and looking to not need them in 3-6months.

    If you have dry eyes or eye pain look at being low in the omegas is 3-6-9 I've added in a flaxseed one that includes all three, so far eye pain almost gone as only been on it for about a week at this time. I hope this info helps some of you Greg

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