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This Doctor (UK) is going on breakfast tv tomorrow and has asked via Facebook for,people to tell him what issues concerning treatment etc. they would like addressed. This is an opportunity for us to express our opinion and thoughts. He has posted on Facebook and there are quite a few comments concerning thyroid issues..please comment if you can.

Thank you

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  • I am not FB participant but a great fan of Dr Chattergee. Let's hope he continues to make a difference .....

  • Yes indeed Marz..am recording his bit on tv as off to work I hope very much he addresses thyroid issues..the response on Facebook was mostly B12 issues but a lot of thyroid related comments too.

  • Just watched this on bbc. The doc is very passionate but says they are not taught about nutrition in med schools. He has taught himslef how important nutrition is. I think the unfortunate thing is that in UK nutrition/diet and eating fewer calories are totally confused. I am on GF and lactofree diet to reduce my TPO antib's (it works) and yet people assume I am on a "diet" to lose weight. I also take VitD and K2 and B12 etc to help improve my health and therefore my absorption of the levo that I take. Again there is a lot of confusion about how important good Vit levels are.

    My Dad has Crohn's, op 4 years ago, he was never given any info about diet/nutrition and when discharged was told he could eat what he liked!! He had lots of problems until I persuaded him to go gluten and lacto free. He still has some problems (I think he cheats!) but at least he can lead a fairly normal life and looks after himself at 92. His B12 injections were every month, they have been reduced to one every 3 months. The doc doesn't get what the problem is!

    The whole issue of diet and nutrition, lack of education for medics and their patients is like trying to get a tanker to do a U turn on a sixpence.

    The bbc news item needs to be a documentry not a sound bite!

  • I've also got high thyroid antibodies and I tried going gluten free from August 2016 but I ended up having a slice of bread a few weeks ago. I also love drinking tea with milk so haven't found the will power to dump the dairy. How long did it take you to see results? A few weeks ago my TG=221 and TPO=155.

  • I have went wild after good allergies by hair sample testing and went gluten, flour, soya, milk, yogurt, lamb, shellfish and prune free.

    Since I have been on it I have had zero upset stomachs / sore throats. Hoping go start reintroducing food groups in 3 weeks time so I can eliminate the proper baddies to my health immune system.

  • What exact tests did you have to identify these allergies? Where can you get these done? I get bloated and get lots of headaches but I honestly dont know what its down to.

  • crimple Crohns is one of the conditions mentioned in those who will be B12 deficient and is mentioned in Guidelines. I have been restricted on the Crohns and Colitis forum for even mentioning B12 - Gluten - VitD in posts :-) You couldn't make it up.


    Scroll down for the 4 minute video from a while ago. So its about attitude too within the medical profession.

  • Their loss Marz x we love ya !

  • (Restricted) Not again M :o

    Is preaching your vitamin B12's and D's getting you in trouble yet again ?

    It's crazy, you are only trying to help others.

  • Yeah Marz unless you fit into their predefined ideas then they think your a whacko, even if your/our experience is different...

  • Can't find him on Facebook.

  • anhinternational.org/2015/1...

    Scroll down for a 4 minute video of him some time ago :-)

  • Thank you!

  • missed it

  • anhinternational.org/2015/1...

    Scroll down for a 4 minute video of this fab man - done some time ago :-)

  • I watched this series and it was good... what a lovely man he is x

    I have been following his advice on leaving at least 14 hours between last meal of the day and breakfast ever since I heard him recommend it.x

  • Oh what a shame, I've only just found this so it's too late now. I've never heard of this doctor. Does anyone know how Dr. Durrant-Peatfield is? He was in hospital last I heard.

  • anhinternational.org/2015/1...

    An earlier video of this Doc - scroll down for the 4 minute video :-)

  • Does anybody have a link to the video or FB post?

  • As crimple said, he needs to have a full documentary, not a few minutes on the Breakfast programme. The fact that GPs never mention nutrition is nothing to do with their consultation time as was suggested by the interviewers. At my surgery they allow 15 minutes, but diet and lifestyle are never mentioned because the GPs haven't been taught their importance, just as Dr. C. said. When I had a blood test for various things last year i asked the GP to check magnesium - I know the blood test isn't all that meaningful, but she had no idea what an important mineral it is.

  • I was under a Gastro for over 30 years as I had Crohns and had six-monthly check-ups. Diet and Nutrition was not mentioned once - nor the fact that I would need B12 injections for life as the Terminal Ileum was removed. Did all my own reading pre-computer days - stayed away from the nasty drugs they kept prescribing, which made me more ill - and generally managed to survive.

    Retirement has given me the time to learn so many valuable things from others who know more than me :-)

    Dr Chattergee took a year off and went to study Functional Medicine in the US - the best thing he ever did he says. Wish more UK Docs would do the same.

  • Oh yes, I wish that too!

  • Thanks for letting us know Sesbo. The fb post is just about all on Thyroid and B12.

  • Thanks j_bee sadly nothing mentioned anout thyroid issues..I have left a comment on his Facebook site saying that and asking if he would be able to look into this more..we desperately need a spokesman.

  • drchatterjee.co.uk

    This is his website with interesting articles on blog etc. He needs our support when he says the really obvious things such as 'medical training teaches us nothing of nutrition' and 'the way we work at present simply isn't working' and the establishment go into overdrive to counter/bad mouth him. Without functional medicine I would still be in my bed- bound foggy brained state wondering when someone was going to take my numerous symptoms seriously rather than telling me that it was all CFS.

  • Those of you that suffer bloating, acid issues, low B12 and Zinc should consider having low stomach acid as this is your first line of defence plus it's needed for nutrient absorption, good healthy bacteria levels, plus it might help with other issues too...

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