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Feeling worried :-(

Blue Horizon kit has arrived and tomorrow I will do my re test of thyroid plus 10.

I am nervous, as i am worried my GP will yet again dismiss me but this time I am not going to let him. Is 7 weeks too soon to re test my thyroid? should I wait to test another week or so?

My TSH was 6.54 (0.27-4.4) and FT4 14 (12-22) on the 18th January on the BH test. My GP said I was subclinical and he would re test me at the end of March but I am going private again so that I can compare against the same lab.

I am having alot of crash days lately. I had a day of energy Friday so I did yoga, went food shopping, i expected to feel awful on Saturday but again had energy so spring cleaned my house. Then Sunday huge crash. My eyes were heavy, heavy head, felt off balance, weak..... I still felt rough yesterday. I seem to have these crash days after having a day or 2 of more energy, is this normal with hypothyroidism or more like CFS/ME? I never used to have these crash days. I just felt exhausted every day but never had days where it was so severe I'd be in bed recovering for a day or 2. Now I seem to crash a couple of days a week. I am a busy mum, I have 3 children (10, 12 & 13) I am a housewife but have had to cut right back on housework, so my husband hoovers and mops for me now. I cook, do light cleaning, feed the pets, 2 school runs a day..... I barely have energy to do these. I have anxiety due to how I feel, on crash days I go into high anxiety because I fear I will collapse, or end up in hospital. It sends my anxiety wild.

I have been worrying do I have addisons, do I need my cortisol checking. I am worried because my cholesterol is high, my hba1c bloods were normal but high in the normal range so I keep worrying is my dry mouth a diabetes issue and not related to my thyroid. I am 36, 116lbs and 5ft tall. Good healthy diet and worrying myself sick why I feel so ill, have crash days and why my tests are off. It worries me silly every day, hence my anxiety disorder triggering again :-( My health anxiety is rife but only since all these health issues and test results concerning me.

My GP said I went through a very traumatic time October - January (my son was bullied and became housebound with crippling panic attacks and was suicidal) I had no support and had to take care of him myself. During this time I did feel more unwell and my fatigue got worse. With that I started feeling like I was walking on a boat or marshmallows, cold, weak and like I said the crash days. My son is well now and doing absolutely amazing, no thanks to the NHS. I was his carer and therapist and got him well. I admit it's left me worn out. My GP says I am subclinical hypothyroid and he thinks the amount of stress Iwas under has triggered some kind of chronic fatigue as it was during that period i got worse energy wise and it's got worse despite my son now well and the stress passed.

Sorry to offload again. I just feel lost and so worried about everything. I have seen my GP 3 times since November, had bloods done, all fine other than those I mentioned above. 2 Gps have told me my hba1c is fine at 40 as anything under 48 is not diabetic. He told me I am worrying over nothing there but they will keep an eye on me. My cholesterol is in the family, all my family have high cholesterol, even my younger sisters. I am just worried am I really going to end up hypothyroid, diabetic and with heart issues if my cholesterol doesn't come down. I am 36 :-( This has caused my anxiety to go sky high and I have horrible health anxiety now.

Sorry again.


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My advice to you, is too try and calm yourself down. The more you worry, the worse your anxiety will become. Do your tests and wait for the results to come back, then if you have concerns, check back with HU for some positive feedback.

Also, you might find this video and info very helpful.


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