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Blood tests

The standard blood test from gp is the tsh if this is in normal range your told everything ok.only by insisting I'm not ok and feeling awful,have been sent to endo, who did further tests my t3 was out of range my vit d and calcium out if range too also low cortisol,which is now in range,however don't forget the Tsh was in ranges if not insisted would of been sent away. I was diagnosed 10 years ago as I had high antibodies and borderline tsh had suffered for years before that's tsh was always in range or borderline, was only diagnosed through me ticking box on blood form in error for my antibodies to be tested. My point is 10 years later still feeling unwell to be told by gp time and time again your fine Tsh in range,it is infuriating as it's a lot more complex than just the tsh,and let's face it the gps haven't got a clue.

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You are correct - we have to educate ourselves if we want to improve. 10 years is a long time to lose to ill-health due to 'guideline'.

This was posted a few days ago - just in case you haven't seen it.

Tell your doctor your TSH isn't to be 'in range' - that test should only be used to know whether or not the patient is hypothyroid.

Once hypo and on thyroid hormones the TSH should be around 1 or lower - when the patient feels well with no clinical symptoms.


Inform your doctor if he doesn't give you a rise in levo to bring your TSH to around 1 or lower. You will increase your meds yourself. Also, email on Monday and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article (doctors magazine).

Highlight question 6 and tell him this is where you want your TSH to be. Dr Toft was President of the British Thyroid Association so GP shouldn't ignore. Your GP might well be putting your health in jeopardy altogether and they are so ignorant.


Tactano, unfortunately it's not just GPs who don't understand the importance of FT4 and FT3. 2.5 years ago my endo was content that my FT3 was below range and said symptoms were non-thyroidal. After self medicating T4+T3 for 6 months endo agreed my health was vastly improved and prescribed T4+T3 at the doses I'd been self-medicating. Last summer endo advised me he didn't want my FT3 dropping below 5.0! What a difference 2-3 years makes :o

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