I haven't been diagnosed with thyroid problems but I have been having hair loss. My ferritin is 23 (15-150) which seems Low end of normal to me but the doctor said it wouldn't be that causing hair loss because my hemaglobin is normal (don't know the result) is this true or could my hair loss be due to low ferritin? I'm having thyroid checked again but it will probably come back normal like last time.


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  • It could be. my doctor told me ferritin needs to be at 70 for healthy hair. My level is 17 and I am shedding a lot of hair.

  • Your ferritin is low and needs to be at least 90 in the range. Low ferritin is a cause of hair loss. x

  • Laralou29,

    Your previous posts advise your TSH was 146. This is extremely high and in need of treatment ASAP.

    If your doctor won't treat, ask for a referral to an endo. Postpartum hormones are problematic enough without having thyroid issues to deal with. You need help and medication.


  • Hi flower 007 sorry I had made a typo it should have been 1.46 not 146. Thanks everyone for your replies. I have another blood test Friday and I'm going to go back to him with a link showing that he's wrong. Don't think he will like it much. I have been fighting with them for nearly 2 years since I had my son to do something. Iv had enough now

  • That's good Laralou29,

    Have you started supplementing iron with Vit C as per Clutters advice in previous post?

    A ferretin deficiency can indirectly affect thyroid med absorption and make you feel terrible.


  • Hi,

    I'm only able to tolerate spat one iron drink sachets so Iv been taking them. I don't feel they are doing a lot but iron tablets make me feel so ill x

  • Have you tried ferritin or haem (heme) supplements? (Or black pudding? :-) )

  • I can't take ferrous sulphate, they make me ill. I've now got ferrous Gluconate which are easier on the stomach. Harder to absorb though. My level was 5! My hair was falling out too.

  • Thanks I'll ask the doctor about other ones to try but they are reluctant to give me anything because they say I have enough iron!

  • You can buy them over the counter. Worked out cheaper for me too!

  • Why isn't it the grey hairs that fall out?

  • There was a proper double blind study conducted by l'oreal and it found that the minimum level which ferritin should np be to keep your hair, was 70. The further below 70 you are, the more the hair loss. So your doctor is just plain wrong. Here's a link.....http://www.healthguidance.org/entry/4272/1/Research-Links-Causes-Of-Hair-Loss-To-Nutritional-Deficiency.html

  • It amazes me how we all get told different ranges!

    I started with hair loss in march, my level was measured at 40 and my GP told me it needs to be around 80. I've been taking iron but it's only crept up to about 42.

    Still shedding lots and eyebrows now starting too.

    It's horrid isn't it, I've just about got my head around loosing my hair but some days it's very hard.

    We aren't alone and so much help and support on here its wonderful.

    Good luck with your journey xx

  • Hi

    Did you change anything before March?

    What supplements are you taking?

    It is very frustrating. X

  • Grrrrrrrrrr Doctors are so ignorant

    Ferritin should be midway in its range but when hypothyroid hits its ferritin that plummets and without ferritin being midway any attempts to treat with thyroxine will fail because the body needs ferritin in order to convert T4 /thyroxine into T3 which is what every single cell needs to function

  • This is happening to me my ferritin is 26 it WAS 27 it dropped while taking 108mg of iron a day for 4 months eek..... Im on 100 mcg of levo ( self treating gp and endo not interested) but now looking into adding a T3 thoughts?

  • Nope I changed nothing.

    It just suddenly started falling out, GP did bloods and my iron had really dropped.

    I'm taking iron supplement, b12 and have been advised to take d3.

    Also been taking a hair skin and nails supplement but I'm still shedding.

    It's frustrating, no one wants to help.

    My tsh and to are in the normal range so nothing they will do :-(

  • I recently had 2 iron infusions as my ferritin level had been 5 for over 3 years and my hair was coming out in handfuls. The iron infusion sorted it straightaway. With your level of ferritin, you will struggle to get an infusion but work as hard as you can to get your levels up and keep checking that they are as you may have an absorption issue.

    My hair is a very good marker for when I need another infusion... Like now. The bathroom floor has a lot of hair on it!

  • I started iron supplements nearly two weeks ago but the shedding has definitely increased...its really upsetting me but I am hoping it will improve once the ferritin levels increase.

  • Mine has too :-/

  • Hi

    Has your shedding increased with the iron supplements?

  • Mine has a little. I jad shedding, before supplements, then it faded out. Had test, ferritin levels found to be 5 so way under normal, stayed on ferrous sulphate, which made me sick, then changed to ferrous Gluconate. Since starting on tablets shedding had started again.

  • I would have thought the shedding would improve once we start iron...

  • So would have I, but I'm a girl who had really bad carpal tunnel, which disappeared while pregnant only for it to come back worse one I'd had my children! It's meant to be worse while pregnant! My restless legs are a bit better now though!

  • Oh wow, what would we do without helping each other. Went to my dr with a very 'bad hair day', falling out, brittle, look so much older. Ferritin was 65 and told 'Its fine'. Thats all the drs seem to say these days. So will start taking the iron. I am hypothyroid so hoping this is the answer. Thanks for everyone's comments on here, its helping so many people drag themselves out of despair. x

  • I am taking ferrograd iron dried ferrous sulphate which isn't helping my ferretin level much and hair still shedding.

  • In desperation I had a large steak for dinner this evening, it's not something I would normally eat.

    Have struggled to find lambs liver for sale anywhere so have resorted to a liver and bacon ready meal.

  • firstly hypothyroid causes Low stomach acid so minerals and vitamins cant be absorbed

    take betaine or pepsin with meals

    eat liver for preference to iron tablets but be sure to take at least 2000mg vit C too to aid abdorption and hrlp the adrenals

    while ferritin is below 70 your body cannot utilise levothyroxine

    you need either t3 or better is NDT as that seems to correct the whole body and the deficiencies too

    if TSH is low and also free t4 and free t3 are low then CENTRAL HYPOTHYROID is likely very different to primary hypothyroid which is all they know

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