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Saw the ENT surgeon yesterday and I do not need surgery for Nodule on Thyroid. He gave me a good examination including the camera via nasal passage which I have to say was absolutely fine. If anybody is having that and is nervous please don't be, it sounds awful but there really is nothing to it. Everything looked healthy and I'm having more bloods done today.

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GW03, good news that you don't need surgery. I'm glad the camera via nasal passage wasn't too traumatic.

Thank you Clutter - now waiting for the blood results.

Wow! For a surgeon not to suggest surgery is to be recommended! Was it a private appointment?

Hi, Yes it was a private appointment. He did say that the situation could change, but for now he's happy that surgery is not necessary and they will check it yearly.

I'm glad. Keep going to the same surgeon if you need in the future. The majority want to make as much money as possible.

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