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Lactose free T4

Hi guys,

I have recently found out that lactose is a problem for me (under dietician). I asked my gp to prescribe lactose free for me. However they said that their supplier doesn't stock it so they can't get it for me. Does anyone know of any pharmacies that do stock it? PM me with details. I can then ask for the prescription and get it filled elsewhere.

Thanks in advance

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I doubt any UK pharmacies actually stock it.

The Thyroid UK website has details of two German makes:


Many pharmacies would be able to get one or the other. If you have a problem with your local pharmacies, you could try the Internet pharmacies:


Obviously they are likely to take a little longer but if you get your prescriptions early enough, that should not be too much of a problem.

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Thanks for this. Yes I took the Thyroid UK printout to my drs. Guess I can see if I can get the prescription and ask Internet pharmacy if they can fill it.


Have fun ringing/emailing round them. :-) There are quite a lot out there.


Thanks. It will be worth it if I can find one as it will eliminate a toxin for me and be a step closer :-)


I used to take Henning lactose free thyroxine, unfortunately it didnt work for me,my doc used to give me a private script ( had to pay for it) and my local Boots pharmacy used to get it for me from Germany. i have to say the pharmacist there was fab and would do any thing to help, he has left now and was better than my own gp. I did have to pay for the tablets but after a lot of hassle i actually got them on the nhs but as i say i didnt do well on them.


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Angelcan, you wouldn't believe the run-around that I have had just trying to get the prescription written correctly for Aliud (Lactose free) Levothyroxine. The CCG said I could have it, but it has taken three weeks for Boots to find out they cannot get it and three times I have been to the surgery to get the prescription written correctly. Finally managed to get it this afternoon and have just got back from Tollesbury Pharmacy, Tollesbury, Essex., where I have taken it. They were quite cross that my surgery had not electronically sent this to them. I was sure they could, but they said they couldn't as Tollesbury Pharmacy were out of area. Tollesbury Pharmacy are lovely and so helpful. They are also an internet pharmacy. Do hope I am right in giving this information here. If not, Admin would you please amend it for me.


it can be compounded by a pharmacy


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