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Lab results

Hi all, I get more help here than from my GP so was wondering if anyone can tell me if my latest bloods are ok?

T4 12

TSH 0.04

I've been on NDT (thyroid S) since October. I've settled on 2 on a morning and 1 Inbetween lunch and tea. I feel warm for the first time ever. I'm still in pain but it is allot less than it was. I don't feel as foggy headed as often but my weight won't budge. I've been controlling my calories but to be honest I could move more - work home work home winter routine :-(

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Hi, do you have the ranges for your results? Also the blood tests we have were for levothyroxine alone, so our results, being on NDT, would differ particularly T3 will reduce T4 result. On doses of NDT or T3 would best be judged by how the patient is feeling, i.e. better or still having clinical symptoms or not.


did you test your free t3 to make sure it was not over range.....and was that free t4


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