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blood tests

Hi there. just wondered if anybody has any advice about approaching your doc for a printout of all your blood results. I have developed another nodule on my neck and am an endocrinologist at the hospital. My tsh is going up and down and want to discuss this with my hospital endocrinologist and all my blood results. when I called my surgery to request this she was very unhelpful and said she would get a doc to ring me back. Surely I am entitled to have a copy of my own blood results ??

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Of course you are entitled to copies of your own blood tests. They belong to you! In fact, you are entitled to copies of all of your medical records, not just blood tests.


You are entitled to a copy/copies - they cannot hold back that information from you without breaking the DPA - which is illegal.

They may want you to fill out a form and come back the next day. They may even charge you but you are completely entitled to request copies of *your* results.

I'll be honest, in my recent experience, receptionists were not exactly on tip top form when it came to correct procedures when I asked for copies of my results - they told me it was against confidentiality - utter BS.

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By law we are entitled to have copies of our blood tests. Some surgeries charge a nominal sum if they aren't for a Consultant. Mine charge 30p.

Write a note to your GP and say that you'd like to get copies of your blood tests from now on for your own records. The Receptionist may not have come across this request often and may have been cautious.


Write a note with your name and address and make a list of all the blood test results you want print outs of with rough dates and hand it to the receptionist.Ask her if there is a charge and pay it immediately getting a receipt.

If you don't get them after 3 working days write a letter to the practice manager.

In the letter ask why the practice isn't complying with the Data Protection Act 1998 and repeat the request for the print outs you want.

If they don't come back to you within a month come back here and report.


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