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T3 should I take them?

Hi all

Hope you can help.

Feeling fine at the moment on 150 mg of levo but still have bad tinnitus and also very overweight from 4 years ago when undiagnosed for 2 years.

the tinnutus is an issue as its getting louder and I want to see of t3 helps. Plus even though I've given up alcohol and walk max steps per day I can't shift any weight.

Can someone advise me on how to start taking it. I have Tiromel and 25 mg tablets.


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When they sent out a questionnaire to 1000 people suffering with B12 deficiency or PA - asking them what the worst symptom to deal with was - the replies were almost 100 % Tinnitus. So do you know your B12 levels ? When below 500 it can become a neurological condition......


My doctors are unaware that someone who has P.A. around the 400 is deficient. So I supplement, of course.

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Louisesymons, it will help members advise if you post recent thyroid results with ranges (figures in brackets after results).


Low T3 could be the cause of stubborn weight gain - as mentioned in your latest post 😊 Did you check your B12 ??


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