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T3 Prescription

Hi, new to this site. Just been to see an Endo privately to get a t3 prescription (20mg Liothyronine). My question is: where is it best to source the drug from? I live in the Oxford area and the Endo mentioned that finding pharmacies that stock the drug can be a challenge...

Will be combining with 100mg of Levo to hopefully get the Hashimoto's under control - fingers crossed!

Any advice gratefully received.

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My pharmacy didn't stock it but tgey just order it in for me no problem, they don't hold lots of stock because it is expensive!


I went to Boots chemist. They didn't stock it but they ordered it and it arrived within 2 days, although they had warned that it could take up to a week. And the expiry date was literally 84 days from date it was dispensed. Be prepared though, it is VERY expensive this way. My prescription was 10 mcg per day for 3 months and cost me £429! Clemmie


Judging by the other replies suggest you ask folk to pm you with their continental internet sources,

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Thanks Treepie - scarily expensive!


The UK is being fleeced by the maker.The Minister George Freeman knows it but does nowt!


Any Boots pharmacy will be able to supply Liothyronine.

It is in stock in my local Boots (I have an NHS prescription).

If it is not in stock, it is available quickly.



I don't know if this helps. I guess it depends on the prescriptions wording.



I buy my T3 from an international pharmacy based in Cyprus.I got the name via pms from other members of this forum.It is a fraction of the cost you would pay in the UK with a prescription.There are many of us doing this.Its straightforward.I don't have a prescription.

good luck!


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