Other options for T3

I know that some people have been give private prescriptions either from their GP or from a private doctor and have found that the price for T3 is prohibitive.

I've just had a telephone conversation with Springfield Pharmacy who told me that they can obtain other non UK brands of T3.

There needs to be the wording "for hypothyroidism" or "for thyroid management" on the prescription before they can be dispensed though.

For further info contact Springfield Pharmacy, 124 Sheen Road, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, TW9 1UR Tel: 02082 558096

Hope this helps some of you.

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  • Is it OK if I share this information on another forum Lyn?

  • Yes, share away! He doesn't want the cost shared though as this can change depending on exchange rates, which is why I didn't put the cost!

  • Many countries dispense L-T3 in 25 mcg tablets rather than 20 mcg so it might be worthwhile checking which is the best option and then asking your doctor to prescribe accordingly. I'm lucky in that I get NHS prescriptions.

  • It would presumably make it easier for doctors to prescribe it if they knew there was a way of avoiding having to pay the tariff listed. Even where doctors are sympathetic to the idea of prescribing T3, they baulk at the idea of having to pay sooo much, and having to explain themselves to their partners in the practice and the practice manager.

  • Thanks Lyn.At present I get my T3 on the NHS,but live with the threat that at any time,this could be withdrawn due to the cost.This is a good option to have as back- up,rather than going completely down the BYO route.

    I already top up cheaply from Cyprus,but if I would be able to buy some through my GP for the same cost,it would mean the GPs don't wash their hands of me.

  • My surgery wouldn't prescribe at all even when MP had run out of T3 and left many people high and dry. Doctor's don't want to take responsibility.

  • In this age of the internet, their web address might be of use to some:


    Is anyone able to say which makes they are happy to handle? I'd guess possibilities might include Sanofi Cynomel, Thybon Henning, TiTre.

  • We talked about a generic liothyronine and Thybon but I guess he could get other brands....

  • Hi lynmynott could you buy these or are they prescription only? x

  • They are prescription only, although I know in some countries you can buy T4 and T3 over the counter. Not sure which ones though.

  • Thankyou Lynn x

  • Has anybody purchased T3 from Springfield pharmacy? How competitive are they?

  • Hi Serendipitious

    They can only get it for you with either an NHS or private prescription, I'm afraid.

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