T3 in the mail, how to switch from NDT to it when it arrives?

Hi guys, I am the one who is not feeling well on NDT and with advice of my holistic doctor I decided to try with T3. What is the best way to switch from NDT to T3? My T3 is in the mail and I would like to start as soon as it arrives. Holistic doc told me to take one tablet first split in 2. I am on 3.5 grains of NDT now. Would like to hear any other suggestion. Thanks.

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  • DaffyD,

    What is your FT3 result and range on 3.5 grains? There is 31.5mcg T3 in 3.5grains so I wouldn't start on less than 31.5mcg T3.

  • Hi DaffyD. I switched from NDT to T3 almost a year ago. When I did that I calculated how much T3 was in NDT I was taking at that time and how much T3 would be ideally converted from T4 , but I think safer way to start is with lower dose since if you are not feeling well on NDT you are probably a poor converter, so T4 doesn't mean much to you and basically all that you are getting from NDT is T3. So to start with one tablet is okay and you can increase the dose in a week, since you said you ordered it I assume it's 25 mcg tablet?

  • Thank you. Yes I ordered 25 mcg T3 tablets from Greece. Now I don't know should I take one tablet as he told me or more... maybe he made a mistake. Appointments are quite expensive, so I'll have to figure out myself how much to take for the time. How do you feel since you switched from NDT to T3? Are you feeling better now? If so how long it took to feel the difference?

  • As appointments are quite expensive, any "mistakes" should be corrected without additional charge. Don't you think?

    Actually, even if appointments were very inexpensive, mistakes should be corrected without additional charge.

    You'd call back a plumber to fix a tap that leaks after being fitted, wouldn't you?

  • But I can't be really sure that he made a mistake. I am just guessing, if I go there he can maybe tell me that he wants me to start with lower dose of T3 for some reason?

  • Yes, I am much better on T3. NDT just wasn't the right treatment in my case. I felt improvement in the matter of days but the biggest one happened when T4 cleared from my body. I don't know did your doctor made a mistake or not. Maybe he just wants you to start slow since you are trying T3 only for the first time.

  • Thank you peanut5 for sharing your experience. This gives me something to hope for :)

  • That's great Pugsley, thanks for your feedback! It would be nice to lose some weight as well, NDT wasn't helping me with that.

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