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HI all, this is not really a question but what I have found out about my thyroid or lack of it since 1998. I had my thyroid removed in 1998 due to a reaction to Amidodarone.( a drug to treat Atrial fibrillation).

My problems started around 6months later after take NHS T4 replacement therapy. I have spent lots of money I hate to think and dread counting up the total amount. Sleep was my only friend. Of course I went the the phase of being treated with depression and anxiety.

After I got back to normality around 2003 after seeing a great DR in South Africa, and he got me back to work. I noticed a tightness in my chest, it feels like my Diaphragm is being squeezed out and making me short of breath, what is weird this alway happens around 3- 4 PM. I can get over this by taking a calcium supplement which eases the problems but then I get other problems like terribly dry skin great big bags under the eyes and I start to wind down and my mind stops working.

Moving on a few years i Have seen a great Dr in the UK he comes over from Belgium. he has done wonders for me and I have nearly got back to normal, the only problem he is expensive, very expensive and with me not working, its very difficult to see him. ( I am sure that is a big problem for a majority of us on this board.

I moved to Armour thyroxin and my dose is 50MCR of T4 and I grain of Armour, my TSH is suppressed but my GP doesn't mind as my T4 is well with in the limits. (This is amazing for a GP and the TSH is the bible of treatment for us all.

I also take 100 Mg of Pregnenalone which is a lot, I know

If I take any normal pregnenalone I get really bad tightness of my diaphragm and feel awful. The pregnenalone I get from Belgium is bespoke and contains Calcium. I have tried mixing my own pregnenalone with calcium and it seems to work.

( Most drs think when I first see them that I have para thyroid problems but my calcium blood levels are fine.)

What I don't under stand is that most if not all Dr, suggest that taking any about when thyroxin taken with Calcium will bind the Thyroxin and make it less able to get into the body and work.

I am at a loss about how the Calcium works but it only works in combination with either DHea or prenenalone. Ah I have noticed taking the Pregnenalone , I cannot tolerate any doses of DHEA as I come up with with a red face and a big rash around my neck. I really need to see my DR from Belgium but that will not happen unless I can find work or win the lottery but thank full that I can get around and do things which I could not do before.

I have been informed that Calcium in the victorian era was used as an Atti histamine but I am not sure if that is true.

Best regards to you all.


John C

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Stockman, it's advised to take calcium 4 hours away from Levothyroxine and NDT because the thyroid meds do bind to calcium which reduces absorption and uptake.

stockman27 in reply to Clutter

I agree with you but this dr I am seeing, is giving me a mixture of Pregnenalone and calcium , to be taken an hour after taking my thyroxin . It seems to work and as I have had this problem for so long now I am happy to take anything that works and gives me relief.

I don't understand it either, as if I take calcium on its own I can feel my body and mind slow down, I get cold muscle aches etc. I know your right but it works.

Best regards

John C

Clutter in reply to stockman27

Stockman, whatever the general advice, if it's working for you to take calcium close to thyroid meds, that's fine.

It may depend on what the pregnenolone is converting to in your body. Have you had your sex hormones tested since being on pregnenolone?

I was told but that was a year ago, that my DHEA level are ok but there was a marker that he said means that I need Pregenenolone, I know I am alway low on Testosterone.

cheers John

As long as you stick to a steady regime - taking the same things daily, at the same time - you dose of thyroid hormone can be adjusted to fit in with it - but you must do regular blood tests - and, as you're taking T3 in the NDT, TSH and FT4 won't be enough. You need the FT3 tested.

A certain amount of calcium will only bind to a certain amount of thyroid hormone - the calcium won't just gobble it all up. So, there will probably be some left for your body.

But, did he not suggest taking vit K2 with the calcium, to make sure it doesn't get into your tissues - kidneys, heart, etc?

stockman27 in reply to greygoose

Hi, I have been on this regime for years, I take D3 with the calcium.

My Dr thinks for some reason I do not metabolise the calcium and hence I need extra supplementation. If I don't take it I just fall asleep for hours and hours. Its really weird.

greygoose in reply to stockman27

Yes, but are you taking K2 with it - even more reason if you're taking D3 because D3 itself will raise calcium levels, normally.

No I K2 has never been mentioned to me. regards John C

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