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Lung pain


I'm just wondering if anybody suffers with lung pain with an underactive thyroid? I only started experiencing this after I had a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage. I'm not even sure if it is thyroid related but I was checked for blood clots because the pain was so severe, which were clear. The only thing I could think of was that I hadn't had my levothyroxine for a while as I was very ill in hospital. Eventually it subsided but occasionally I suffer with it again, always on the left side.

Ive had it really bad for a few days now and I'm due to have my bloods done next week to check my thyroid levels due to other symptoms. Im getting a bit worried about it as it's so painful. Im also coughing when I eat some foods. Im sick of being ill :-(

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I'm sorry you are not well and it is awful when you are trying to feel better when you are feeling worse than usual.

I hope a Specialist consulted with you.

Not taking thyroid hormones is a bad idea as it is classed as a life-threatening illness if untreated.

I think it would be a good idea if you ask GP to do a Full Thyroid Function Test, particularly Free T4 and Free T3 to see the results. Of T4 and T3 it is T3 that's the active hormone required in our receptor cells.

jord38 in reply to shaws

This was three years ago now when I had the sah. Im not sure what the tests are but he wants a fasting blood test and he gave two forms to the receptionist to book my blood tests. I was just wondering if lung pain could be a result of the wrong dosage of levothyroxine.

shawsAdministrator in reply to jord38

I am not sure about lung pain but I always had palpitations on levo.

Thank you. I might give out of hours a ring in the morning. Im getting a bit worried as it's really painful. I am on propranolol for palpitations.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to jord38

With the best will in the world, what you are asking about is way beyond what we can seriously help with.

Do what you need to do - out of hours, 111, or whatever else. But Sunday isn't usually a good day to find medical help... :-(

cezabelle in reply to jord38

I'm not sure about lung pain being linked to hypothyroidism, I sometimes get it also on the left hand side but it doesn't last very long..( I'm hypothyroid) but I never made the connection. I have read that propranalol can have adverse reactions in hypothyroid patients though so I would maybe check this out. Hope you feel well soon x


I think hellava is right on the button. Really any lung pain especially if affecting breathing should be looked on as urgent,if only to rule out anything seriously going on,imho, if that's the case it's better to take yourself to a&e.not a pleasant thought on a weekend,but you would be taken seriously if it is affecting breathing.

When I was suffering it last time, I had ecg's, chest xrays, blood tests. I only put it down to thyroid because my medication had been messed with when it started. I was just asking if anybody else suffered chest/lung pain with their thyroid problems.


Ok,fair enough. hopefully then your thyroid bloods will give you the answer soon.

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