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I am having problems reading some of the posts due to not being able to understand the abbreviations used. Is there a guide to abbreviations used on the site? I suspect some folk are making them up as they go along, like I do myself when texting on my phone! My daughter did not reply to me once, because she did not understand the meaning of my text, which I had thought was quite clever! If the full word is used once in the post, then it is possible to work out an abbreviation further along, but otherwise I fear I may get the "weots".

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To the right of your screen is 'pinned posts' so that should help you.


Sit down and have a nice cup of coffee :) Here goes

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I did not realise, but the link on that post is not working.

I have gone and fixed it - and here it is:


Updated link.

I tend to google anything I don't understand, I think that's generally successful. Except for typos. :-) Possibly something very specialised could remain obscure, except I find most people who abbreviate generally do so for the more common terms (to avoid repeatedly typing 'underactive thyroid' or whatever) and the more niche terms are spelled out. Is there something in particular that's giving you trouble?

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One of my pet hates is using "UAT" for under-active thyroid. I don't know why, but it just jars - and somehow, despite knowing full well what it means, I always have to pause for a moment.

I certainly wish more people would explain at first use of an abbreviation. Am extremely tired of explaining NDT to new-comers who have received responses containing that acronym.

I have now adopted a near-universal type-it-out-in-full for micrograms. (I only do otherwise on repetition or quotes.)

Having said all that, many are very easy to search for - and find.

My pet peeve is 'u' and 'ur' for you and your and similar text speak (I know what it means but don't like the way it looks), and I have a knee-jerk hatred of poor spelling but am slightly ashamed of that because I can usually figure out what's being said and my objection is mostly snobbery and/or pedantry.

If we have a glossary and we have google and, most importantly, we have the ability to reply to ask 'Sorry, can you please clarify the meaning of the abbreviation ndt?' I can't think why so many people would contact you to ask you to define it, but if you're tired of explaining it I guess they do.

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Take it you have seen my txt spk posts? :-)

It isn't that they contact me in person, but typically they post "I need help - what can I do?" - and someone replies "Could try NDT". Followed by "What is NDT?".

It's only me personally diving in and answering when I know an answer! :-)

Ah, ur helpfulness is getting the best of u. :-)

Well, one could argue that the person who has used the term is responsible for such clarifications, but as an admin I guess you need to keep the TUK (Thyroid United Kingdom) wheels greased.

It's best to read and respond to the context. If someone seems 'new' and unsure it's thoughtful to be clear when replying to their questions. To me it's more important to be warm and kind than it is to be precise to the letter, but it's not a contest and one can be both.

When it's time for a vote the things I'd put in my TUK Room 101 are shoutiness, dogma and quackery. (Not that anyone is asking.)

Sorry to the op (original poster) for going off-topic. :-)

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Yes, I hate UAT, as well. Sometimes my brain gets confused and reads it as UAR (United Arab Republic) and then I'm totally lost for a few seconds. So much easier to just say 'I'm hypo'. :)

I do sometimes come across unfamiliar terms here, either abbreviations (most recently I googled crp from someone's blood test results) or just unfamiliar terms like you find anywhere else. positiveperson it will quickly get easier as I think you tend to see the same four or five phrases/terms abbreviated over and over: uat, ndt, endo, Hashi's, mcg. I saw nth today and had to think for a moment.

Is there a specific term or abbreviation you've been unable to define/clarify?

Thank you for all the helpful replies and I accept that some abbreviations are most useful to this site. Sometimes, I just cant be bothered to work it all out especially when one post uses a lot throughout. Just find it quite challenging to read. Maybe my brain is more fuzzy than I previously thought. By the way, did anyone understand my abbreviation "weots" which I just made up?

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I assure you that there are times I simply can't be bothered to try to understand and don't look things up.

whatever something-or-other syndrome?

Haha, I wondered if "weots" was supposed to mean anything. I can't work it out :(

wrong end of the stick.

Ha ha, That is a dIfficult one!

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