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helvella - Abbreviations and Acronyms

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I have just given my Abbreviations and Acronyms document a wholesale makeover. The primary reason was to make it easier to use on small screens. To that end, instead of being an A4 document, it is now A5.

It also has a Table of Contents with each letter of the alphabet. To get to TSH, for example, you can click on "T" - which will get you close. This should save scrolling up and down.

The document name and the link for it are also changing:

helvella - Abbreviations and Acronyms


Please feel free to copy this link and post it as you feel appropriate.

Any issues, please let me know.

I shall leave the old version indefinitely so that previous links to it continue to work. However, it will not be updated.

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Thank you so much - :-)

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