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helvella - Abbreviations and Acronyms


I have just given my Abbreviations and Acronyms document a wholesale makeover. The primary reason was to make it easier to use on small screens. To that end, instead of being an A4 document, it is now A5.

It also has a Table of Contents with each letter of the alphabet. To get to TSH, for example, you can click on "T" - which will get you close. This should save scrolling up and down.

The document name and the link for it are also changing:

helvella - Abbreviations and Acronyms


Please feel free to copy this link and post it as you feel appropriate.

Any issues, please let me know.

I shall leave the old version indefinitely so that previous links to it continue to work. However, it will not be updated.


*** Link updated ***

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Thank you so much - :-)

This information is extremely useful. Did you comprise all this yourself? If you did you are amazing in as much of the way you are helping those of us who are newbies to all this thyroid stuff. Thank you so much for unravelling the confusion of acronyms etcetera, etcetera.

in reply to imdelightful

Yes - all my own write. (Apologies for John Lennon reference. :-) )

You are welcome. I certainly found it difficult in my early days and felt that a simple document would have helped.

What's ToC (blue link) on the right hand corner of the abbreviations/acronym page?

in reply to imdelightful

Table of Contents. Wherever it appears, you can click on it and get back to the Table of Contents.

If I left it in full, it was too, too big.

Thank you kindly.

I'm a but behind with things and was going to have a look but it says its no longer there, any chance you could put it up again helvella, thanks.

in reply to Dustpan

Have updated the link - hopefully it will now work for you again! :-)

It is much easier for me to maintain the links in my profile than on numerous individual posts over many years. If anyone ever has a problem with a link to one of my documents, try the link from my profile. (I have just checked and every link there worked for me this morning. :-) )

Thank you helvella very informative and must have taken you hours, I will try to print it off later, got to go and feed neighbours cats a few doors up as she’s away for a week so got to do it while it’s in my head or as with others it will leave my brain.x

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