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helvella’s A brief thyroid glossary


Every so often, I am inspired to create a new thyroid document.

My existing Abbreviations and Acronyms is, I hope, quite useful but it suffers from two things. First, the abbreviations and acronyms are not actually explained at all. Second, it has grown - a lot - over the years and is no longer something you can print on a single sheet of paper!

The new document is intended to explain some of the core thyroid terms and, for as long as I am able, to fit onto a single sheet of paper (albeit double-sided).

This is the document:

helvella’s A brief thyroid glossary


My Abbreviations and Acronyms document is still available here:


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MUCH appreciated, Helvella!


Thanks for posting helvella.

That's brilliant. Thank you.

Thanks, helvella 😊 Awesome document, that glossary!! Really helpful. And it was easy to focus and learn with it because it is such a clear design. Nice work! J

Wonderful. Thank you.

Thank you for collecting all of this data in a useful form and sharing it. The value of this information cannot be measured except in the lives that are redeemed when people use it to understand their conditions and become their own best advocates.

Raising a toast to you, helvella! 🍻

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When people respond with some sort of thanks, I usually click "Like" and leave it at that.

Your words are very much appreciated. :-)

Thank you!!! 😘😘

I hope this is a private message.

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No, that isn't a private message, you have posted on the open forum. I have removed the details which shouldn't be posted here.

Whoever you are responding to, here is how you send a private message


Thank you good info.


Excellent work,thank you


Brilliant thank you 😊

Thanks so much. Printing off now. May I share on other forums?

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You are welcome to do so.

Just make sure people are aware that it is not in any way official.

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Many thanks. Much appreciated- and I made use of your sheet last year describing Tiromel, very helpful as I was going to Turkey. 💕

Thank you.

Bravo! Thanks, Hell.

Thankyou so much, for being so generous with your time and knowledge. I just can’t get my head around all the info about thyroid but lists like yours really help as something to refer to. Have a good day, Holly

Thank you! I just spotted this is the feed!

Can i make an appointment please Helvella? --will you be my endo? you can be my 'early next year valentine' if you want as well! it has just dawned on me that i took 75 mcg t4 and 20mcg t3 but since it was confisated llast year by nhs i am 20mcg short! no wonder i am so odd!

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If there is one thing I do know, that is how little I know. I'd never want to be an endocrinologist because of the gap between what is known and the realities for real people.

as i have been 20mcg t3 short for over a year i wonder if that is why i feel ill every morning and not much better thru the day?

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Seems entirely likely.

You are short by an amount which is the whole dose for some people. It would be very unlikely NOT to have a significant impact. (The exception might be resistance to thyroid hormone where you'd probably need a huge dose and 20 micrograms would be a small percentage.)

yes i quite agree H, although being an endo, you can earn fortunes without even knowing anything !!!! and you can fob people off and say they are normal when they are not and you would aways be right, but i know you and you wouldnt live with yourself.. i expect though, you know more than an endo!!!

Many thanks Helvella.

Awesome lists.

Best wishes,


Very grateful for this. Thank you Helvella

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