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Still struggling

Hi all have been taking WP for about 4 mths now did get up to 2 grain but had to reduce it to 1 and a half due to palpitations did feel a bit better but the last week or so have gone downhill, breathless a lot of the time cant bend down as i cant breathe when i get up,to-day has been bad had to come back home from taking dog for a walk was only out ten mins nearly collapsed into chair had a rest and a cuppa felt better.

Get really tired about 1.00 o clock just cant do anything like it most of the time i look awful and feel awful lost some more hair my sister has bought me a wig (cos i couldn't afford one ) as i didn't want to go out lost all interest in everything gone to 15 stone really down about my weight was wondering if another ndt would be better any experiences anyone ?

Thanks in advance

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Foxyeyes, Have you had a thyroid function test to check you are optimally dosed?


no will order one today

Many thanks


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